The best fruity perfumes online

The fruity notes add a touch of liveliness to the olfactory compositions with the scent of sweet and exotic fresh fruit. Amongst other offerings, we propose a creation by Meo Fusciuni, an artist who likes to call himself "the apothecary" and who has made perfume an artistic instrument to recreate his olfactory memory: 3 Nota di viaggio is inspired by Sicily and combines notes of fig and jasmine with deeper ones of incense, a celebration of the warm and luminous day that is quieted in the waiting of the night.

Created by Simone Andreoli, the young "nose" who since childhood has been bewitched by the art of perfume, here, we highlight two creations. Business Man, inspired by the green English countryside, has fresh tones, sparkling and full of life thanks to notes of grapefruit and blackcurrant cooled by those of cut grass and, Don't ask me permission, a long-lasting, almost cheeky fragrance. Joyful and erotic, it speaks of wild nights in Rio, where notes of sugar, sweet orange and peach, cooled with lime and cachaca,  mix with the softer, oriental notes of ambergris and sandalwood.

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