Trippen: shoes with an eco-friendly style

Trippen: shoes with an eco-friendly style

Trippen: the sustainable and ecofriendly shoe factory.

They are beloved by the youngest nonconformist and underground but much appreciated by women with a refined style. We are talking about Trippen shoes, a German brand born in the early nineties a few kilometers from Berlin.

When we talk about sophistication we do not mean something classically elegant or luxuriously refined. Trippen shoes are a soft, natural and sweet refinement. A refinement that contains comfort and style, creativity and ecology. If the higher models of Trippen boots have a military aura this will always be peaceful, free of hostility, austerity or authoritarianism. Trippen shoes always express something fairytale everywhere. Some seem to come directly from the northern legends of the elves and the gnomes. Others from the ancient Japan of geishas, ​​with their low and square heels. The red models are always a birthday party for the eyes of those who look at them.

They are special shoes, and not just for sight. Specials because they are environmentally friendly, colored with natural dyes and handcrafted in spite of worldwide distribution. Specials because produced by a shoe factory born of a challenge: to demonstrate that the success of a company fits perfectly with social responsibility and environmental sustainability and that all this means even design choices beyond the current trends.


Trippen does not conceive collections to be replaced every year, season after season. There are no fashions to which Trippen should or should be inspired. The concept of fashion for Trippen is Trippen himself. His shoe models maintain the typical style of the brand: unique, unmistakable and timeless. If the materials and forms are almost the same, the technical contents of these shoes change. Shoes out of the common idea, traditional "shoe". Shoes designed to have single interchangeable or replaceable parts, also made in small collections produced entirely in Germany and at competitive prices.

In addition to monobrand stores in Germany and Paris, Trippen is distributed in Italy by Lazzari Store, in the UK, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Mongolia, USA, ... International design awards and prominent collaborations such as the one with the designer Issey Miyake confirms Trippen's worldwide success, a word that translated from German means "run fast", like the success of this company.

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