Simone Andreoli, young italian nose, create not a simple line of perfumes, but rather a journey through memories and views of distant lands: Diary Olfactory gives the name to a real sensory experience. Since research is the fundamental principle of the project, nothing follows conventions or imposed standards and olfactory combinations are unusual and unique. Between the six outstanding creations we have Silenzio , perfume extract of oriental vanilla, which its creator describes it as a "hymn to love". The woody Camouflage that evokes memories of the warmth of the Arab countries and Moorea, latest creation, with the freshness of the Tiarè and ylang ylang brings us to the paradisiacal landscapes of French Polynesia.

Simone Andreoli Perfumes

Come and discover Simone Andreoli perfumes: every Simone Andreoli perfume is an experience that comes from an experience. A journey that translates into feelings, dreams and memories to be told in a notebook. They are sensory notes, an olfactory diary: in Simone Andreoli's perfumes we discover or rediscover experiences that have profoundly changed us, as does a journey, and others that will transform us. They are paths of the senses and of the mind, whose names indicate the route to follow: Malibu-Party in the Bay, Sunplosion, Leisure in Paradise, Don't Ask Me Permission, Businessman, Eterno, Fico Nero di Sardegna, Camouflage...

Simone Andreoli Olfactory Diary

Simone Andreoli's Olfactory Diary is a sort of personal story of journeys, memories, emotions and reflections materialized in the form of a series of perfumes. The pages of this diary are the scents that create and tell life paths, encounters, mystical meditations, exotic, metropolitan, desert, wooded, nocturnal atmospheres ...

Eterno by Simone Andreoli

Simone Andreoli’s Eterno, for example, recalls the smell of the woods, of a pine forest in which the intertwined branches of trees filter the rays of the sun. The olfactory pyramid of Eterno is woody and balsamic: pine resin, myrrh, incense, opopanax chironius (sweet myrrh), leather, oud (agarwood), nagarmotha (cyperus scariosus).