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Simone Andreoli, young italian nose, create not a simple line of perfumes, but rather a journey through memories and views of distant lands: Diary Olfactory gives the name to a real sensory experience. Since research is the fundamental principle of the project, nothing follows conventions or imposed standards and olfactory combinations are unusual and unique. Between the six outstanding creations we have Silenzio, perfume extract of oriental vanilla, which its creator describes it as a "hymn to love". The woody Camouflage that evokes memories of the warmth of the Arab countries and Moorea, latest creation, with the freshness of the Tiarè and ylang ylang brings us to the paradisiacal landscapes of French Polynesia.

Simone Andreoli Perfumes

Come and discover Simone Andreoli perfumes: every Simone Andreoli perfume is an experience that comes from an experience. A journey that translates into feelings, dreams and memories to be told in a notebook. They are sensory notes, an olfactory diary: in Simone Andreoli's perfumes we discover or rediscover experiences that have profoundly changed us, as does a journey, and others that will transform us. They are paths of the senses and of the mind, whose names indicate the route to follow: Malibu-Party in the Bay, Sunplosion, Leisure in Paradise, Don't Ask Me Permission, Businessman, Eterno, Fico Nero di Sardegna, Camouflage...

Simone Andreoli Malibu

Fresh and citrusy, Malibu - Party in The Bay Simone Andreoli opens with green and frozen lime notes that instantly catapult us to a tropical beach. To confirm it, the irresistible notes of coconut that explode shortly after: we are literally immersed in a perfumed bath in the heart of summer, the turquoise sea on the horizon, a silky white beach, the palm trees that like huge tropical flowers rise into a sky cloudless. The base notes, a mix of rum and sandalwood, add that creamy touch that makes Malibu Simone Andreoli a cocktail to wear from May to September!

Simone Andreoli Sunplosion

Simone Andreoli Sunplosion is an explosion of tropical fruits. Among all, the mango and the so-called guava, a typical Caribbean fruit with a sweet and aromatic flavor. Sunplosion smells of summer fruit but also of joy, sun, beach, lightness, lightheartedness. A summer and holiday scent, as sweet as a tropical juice, refreshed by notes of hibiscus, lime, coconut water. Its light salty background immediately throws us on the beach, ready for the next swim, the next wave to break or ride, the next sunset to admire and remember.

Simone Andreoli Leisure in Paradise

Creamy and delicious like a vanilla ice cream. Fresh and thirst-quenching like a sip of coconut milk. Juicy and sunny like a tropical fruit salad to be enjoyed under an umbrella. Leisure in Paradise Simone Andreoli is an exotic vanilla-based fragrance that evokes the scent of summer beaches, that mix of sea water, coconut and sun creams, carefully softened by the woody notes on the bottom. An enveloping and persistent perfume, summery like few others, unisex. A tropical paradise to wear throughout the summer season!

Simone Andreoli Don't Ask Me Permission

Eau de Parfum Don’t Ask Me Permission: sweet but not too much, sensual, enveloping, amber, fresh and fruity. Don’t ask me permission Simone Andreoli is a perfume that expertly mixes fruity notes with fresh notes with amber touches, giving life to a whirlwind of intoxicating and disturbing olfactory sensations, which never leave you indifferent. A fragrance, Don’t ask me permission, perfect for the spring and summer season, but very wearable throughout the rest of the year by those who prefer fresh, fruity and persistent scents.

Simone Andreoli Business Man

Business Man Simone Andreoli is a perfume with strong grassy notes intertwined with the fresh and sparkling ones of grapefruit. The sensations it produces are very pleasant: constant freshness and clean scent. Business Man Eau de Parfum materializes the green English countryside with each spray, that scent of freshly cut grass, slightly wet with small drops of dew. The green formulation of the fragrance is balanced by the sweet and citrus notes of blackcurrant and grapefruit. It closes (to open) at the end with the woody Vetiver Haiti, a reinforcing and structural element of the entire olfactory pyramid of Business Man.

Simone Andreoli Eterno

Eterno by Simone Andreoli is a woody-balsamic fragrance that recalls the scent of pine needles and resin. Think about suddenly opening your eyes after a long sleep and finding yourself in the middle of a dense forest, as enchanted as it is hyper-realistic. A magical space, once a frame of fears and evil nightmares hidden among the pages of a fairy tale. Now this is no longer the case: that wood is your home, your history, a friendly and familiar place that will remain so for eternity. Eterno perfume by Simone Andreoli relaxes the senses and invites you to reconcile yourself with the world, to give shape to your dreams, to transform the darkness of a forest into the rays of the sun that pass through it.

Fico Nero di Sardegna Simone Andreoli

Fico Nero di Sardegna Simone Andreoli (Black Fig of Sardinia Simone Andreoli) is an evidently fruity fragrance which, however, is not limited to expressing the soft and sugary sweetness of the fig. In fact, its formulation involves the processing of fig leaves, which are then translated into green notes that refresh the essence of the fruit. There is not even that slight milky note to remember fig milk, that drop of sap that comes out of the petiole when we detach a fig from the tree. A gourmand perfume faithful to the flavor, scent and texture of the black Chia fig and its mother plant. A fruity (but not too much), unisex and day cuddle.

Simone Andreoli Camouflage

A mysterious perfume, as the name suggests. The top notes are of an intense, elegant, slightly powdery, almost dusty rose. As the rose fades, the woody essences of oud, olibanum, sandalwood, ebony emerge alive and intriguing, accompanied by a musky note. A perfume with a minimalist composition (pink and a selection of precious woods) that will be particularly personalized by the chemistry of the wearer's skin. Here then some olfactory notes will be more marked on someone's skin than on someone else's. But perhaps the game of camouflage and final revelation of this perfume consists precisely in this.

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