After consulting this website data related to identified or recognizable people can be collected.
The data controller for the treatment of the protection of personal data is Italo Lazzari as legal representative of Lazzari s.a.s. di Lazzari Italo & C. based in Treviso (Italy) at Via Paris Bordone 14-16.

The treatments linked to this website’s online services take place at the Headquarters of the data controller representative and are handled by the technical staff of the Office in charge of the treatment.
Gathered data are send, if necessary, to administrative offices of the partners selected by the data controller, to ensure the fulfillment of the request services and the payments of said services or for credits collection or for fiscal reasons or to the people in charge of possible maintenance operations, some examples could be website developers or transport companies for the delivery of the orders.
Personal data provided by the users in the website’s modules to request informational material (documents, dispatches, cds, newsletter, reports, answers to questions, acts, legal instructions, etc.) or to request consultations, information, prearrangements, estimation works or newsletter subscriptions offered by our website, are used just to execute the service ot the request performance and are communicated to our commercial Partners only when it is necessary.
Partners of the data controller have the possibilities to contact the user that, sending his data, agree with the terms and conditions of the service.
The user can request the cancellation of his/her datain any moment, following the instructions in the next paragraph on “Rights of the Users”.



Informatic systems and software procedures proposed for the operation of this specific website acquire, during their normal operative period, some personal data that can be trasmitted following the use of communication Internet protocols.
These data are gathered not to identify the users but could permit the identification of the users by the association with other data in possession of third parties.
In this category of data there are IP addresses or the computers domain names used by the users to connect to the website, the addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation of the requested resources, the time of the requests, the method used to submit the request to the server, the dimensions of the file got as answer to the request, the numerical code indicating the state of the server answer  (success, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operative system and to the informatic environment (browser, device, etc.) used by the user.
These data are utilized only for the purpose to gather statistical anonymous information about the usage of the website and to check its proper working, but they are immediately deleted after the elaboration. Data could be used for the inspection of responsabilities in case of potential informatic fellonies against the website, otherwise these data on the web contacts don’t last more than seven days on our servers.

Using our website, our potential mobile apps, the services provided by the website or receiving our e-mails, the user agree to the usage of cookie data in compliance with the following Cookie Policy in order to get navigation data.

The Cookie Policy declares how we or authorized third parties could use cookie data when the user is interacting with our website or when use the services offered by our website.
This Cookie Policy is part of our “Privacy informative documentation” and must be read too.
Our “Privacy informative documentation” explains what we can or cannot do with the information, included the personal data that we could gather.
Please read them both.

Cookies are small files which are stored on a user's computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer. This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, or the page itself can contain some script which is aware of the data in the cookie and so is able to carry information from one visit to the website (or related site) to the next.
With cookies we mean also a more extended technological tools: web beacon, clear gifs, pixels and similar. As owner cookies we mean the cookie data trasmitted by the website or the app.
As third parties cookies we mean cookie data transmitted by third parties, unrelated to the data controller.

To remove cookies from your device or to know their origin and duration consult your browser support reference.

Cookies are used to understand better how applications and websites work and to optimize the online experiences.
Cookies let the party who is transmitting them to analyze the performances of a website or of an app mobile, to identify certain users in an anonymous way and to remember their preferences and their actions during the navigation, to understand if a computer or a device already visited the website and to provide personalized advertising.
When you explore our website some information can be acquired automatically for technical, statistical or informative reasons or to improve the service we offer.
These information could allow the identification of the visitor and they are:
-IP address
-URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the required resources
-time and date of the request

-operative system of the user, the utilized browser, display resolution and other technical information

-user's activities on the website

Please keep in mind that cookies are present on your device not in our database even if they are sending information to our server.
Our website use mainly five kinds of cookie data:
-Effectively needed cookies
These cookies are essential for the working of the website and the user’s navigation.
Deactivating these cookies the website will not work properly.

-Performances cookies
These cookies gather information about the way in which visitors use the website and monitor the performances of the website itself. For example, performances cookies say us which pages are the most viewed, if you are already visited the website, check the traffic direct to our website and fill in analytic information in an anonymous way.
Performance cookies can be used also to find and correct operative problems of the website.

-Functional cookies
These cookies are used to know and remember the preferences of the users.
For example, functional cookies could use information as the location of the user, to guarantee the right version of the website for the specific city or region of the users as well as language presettings.

-Usage of Flash cookies
The website can use Adobe Flash Player to offer some multimedia contents.
On the majority of the devices the software is installed by default.
In the case of usage of these contents, Google Analytics memorize other data on the computer, known also as Flash cookies (or Local Share Objects) which can be used by the data controller to know the number of times that a certain audio/video file has been opened, the number of people that played it until its end and how many people close it before its conclusion.
Adobe website provide information about how remove o deactivate Flash cookies, visit
We remind you that limiting or eliminating the usage of Flash cookies can jeopardize the functionalities for the applications based on the Flash technology.
-Commercial cookies
These cookies are used to provide you personalized advertising material related to our website, our products and our shop through third parties services while you're surfing the Internet or using a web application. The main example of this form of advertising consists in Google sponsorized banners shown on other websites that you're visiting.

We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google that send cookies to your device.
Information produced by the usage of cookie data about your usage of the website (potentially included your IP address, which is your identification number on Internet) can be transmitted to Google and be stored on servers in the U.S.A.. Google use those information to evaluate your usage of the website, to arrange statistics on the website’s activity and to provide other services related to the usage of Internet.
Google can also transfer these information to third parties, if it is required by the Law, or to third parties that elaborate those information on behalf of Google.
Google does not link your IP address to any other data in its possession. For further information on Google Analytics, you can consult “Cookies and Analytics” and the concerning privacy policy for Google Analytics.

We use Facebook Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Facebook that keep track of the navigation on our website correlating it with data of its own possession in an anonymous and statistical way.

Data transmitted to Facebook are stored on servers in the U.S.A..
Facebook can also transfer these information to third parties, if it is required by the Law, or to third parties that elaborate those information on behalf of Facebook.
Facebook does not link your IP address to any other data in its possession.

You can avoid certain cookies through the configurations of your browser or deactivating directly the part that is in control and manage the cookies.
Check your browser’s configuration options for more specific information.
It is possible to also visit the website to more information about how manage/eliminate cookies depending on the browser in use.
To completely remove cookies from your Internet browser of your smartphone/tablet, it is necessary to consult the user’s guide of the device
, however you can use this link to remove most of the cookies installed by our website (except for the technical ones).

Our e-mails can contain cookies, even if generally that's not the case, that tell us if you saw them or if you clicked on a link we send you.

Cookies used in our e-mails to monitor those behaviours are unique for each e-mail and are not memorized by your computer or by your mobile device.


The optional, explicit and on purpose, transmission of electronic mail to the addresses on this website implicates the following acquisition of the sender’s address, which is needed to answer the requests, together with other personal data inside the transmission. Specific information will be reported or shown on the website’s pages that provide the requested services.

Some examples of how you can send data on purpose are filling the contact and informative forms in our website, subscribing to our newsletter, creating a customer account, placing an order, sending an e-mail or asking for assistance and they will be used only for their individual specific objectives.

In some cases (not regarding the ordinary managing of this website) Law autorities and the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la Privacy) can request news and information as said in Italian legislation Dlgs 196/2003, for control treatment of the gathered personal data. Data communication in those cases is mandatory.

Personal data are treated with automatic tools, for just the time needed to gain the objectives for which they are collected or for the data controller to respect the Italian or European Union law.
Specific security measures are activated to avoid any data loss, illicit use and not authorized accesses.

Subjects, to whom personal data refer, have the right, in any moment, to obtain the confirmation to the existence or not existence of those data and to know their contents, purpose and origin, as well as to verify if they are correct and to ask for their integration, update or adjustment (as said in Italian legislation Dlgs 196/2003) in the database owned by the data controller or by his Partners. Those subjects have also the right to data portability which is the right to receive the personal data they provided to the controller, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and the right to transmit those data to another chosen controller without hindrance from the controller to whom the data were initially provided. Users who provided their personal data, have the right not to be personally subject to a decision based solely on automated processing.
For what regards the Partners, the users have to address directly to them, using directions and identifications provided by them to the data controller during the data transmission wich is always declared in a clear way.
As said in Italian legislation Dlgs 196/2003 the user has the right to ask for the cancellation, the modification in an anonymous way,
the withdraw of given consent or the block of the data treated against the law, or in any case to oppose to their treatment for licit reasons.
For any objection regarding the privacy policy of a website, the user can send a petition to the Italian Data Protection Authority Office (
Ufficio del Garante della Privacy).
The data subjects have the right to object to the use of their data for canvassing purposes and, under certain conditions, have also the right to request that the controller cease processing their data.
In case you are a newsletter subscriber or you contact us using the website's forms you can e-mail us at for any request, such as unsubscribing or erasing your e-mail address or other data from our database.
In case you are a registered customer or a registered guest on this website, you can go at your personal page at this link where, after the login with your username and password, you can find the section “My personal data” in which you can access at your data in any moment and you can e-mail us at for any other request.