We ship to most countries worldwide. Here you can find our shipping costs. For any question you can contact us by e-mail at store@lazzariweb.it. To ship we use a variety of couriers depending on their services for each destination country. In case you have a shipping requirement, write us providing your address and the products you desire before ordering to see if it's feasible a shipping with the courier of your choice or applying the delivery services you requested.
Barring unforeseen circumstances, we entrust the shipping to the courier within two working days (earlier in most cases) after the payment has been received and you'll receive the tracking information by e-mail.


  • Purchases under 100,00€: 10€ of shipping cost.
  • Purchases between  100 to 200€: 6,50€ of shipping cost.
  • Purchases over 200,00€: the cost of shipping is free.

Usually within the European Union we use GLS, TNT or FedEx or DPD courier.

International shipping with TNT

International shipping with FedEx

Shipping with GLS courier

Shipping in Europe with DPD

Prices include VAT/GST tax.
Example: In a purchase of 122,00€ 22,00€ are the VAT/GST tax and the total to pay with the shipping cost will be 128,50€=122,00€+6,50€.



Prices don't include VAT/GST or national tax.
For goods delivered outside of the European Union the shipping rate and the VAT free prices will be automatically calculated before the order checkout.
Shipping costs are 25,00€ for U.S.A. and Canada and 35,00€ for other countries. We made this choice to partially cover the couriers' fares due to customs procedures.

Example: If your country shipping cost is 35,00€ and you see a VAT included price of 122,00€, 100,00€ is the VAT free amount of the item and 22,00€ are the VAT/GST tax that you don't have to pay so the total amount would be 135,00€=100,00€+35,00€, during the checkout after filling in your address the website will show you tax free prices and the shipping cost automatically calculated.

We want to inform our customers that potential import duties and national tax in the destination country are in charge of the recipient, who placing the order agrees on paying them to receive the parcel. We suggest you to contact the nearest customs office to your residence to know the definitive amount of the import duties before placing the order as it may change depending on your country's legislation on specific products, their quantity, origin and composition, imported goods value and national tax. Some countries have a duty free policy for orders under a certain amount, so you may be interested in that too.
There are some websites online that can help you to roughly estimate the customs duties amount, in order to use those tools you may have to know that our shippings incoterms are CPT and they're dispatched from Italy.

Usually for intercontinental deliveries we use FedEx, UPS or DHL courier.

Fedex international shipping

UPS international shipping

DHL international courier

In some rare cases we may use EMS courier (see below). 

EMS courier

Read the paragraph below for more information about each courier.


Click on your courier's logo or its link below to visit its website and use the tracking number that we will provide you soon after updating your order status to "Shipped".
Some couriers require a phone number so don't forget to input yours during the checkout, which will be used only to arrange the delivery.
You should receive the tracking number notification within two working days from the order by e-mail, but it could be detected as spam from your e-mail server.
In any case we write the tracking number also in your order details accessible on our website from your orders history and we can help you tracking your order or contacting the courier for you. In case of need please don't hesitate to e-mail us at store@lazzariweb.it
Some shippings are provided by the third-party agency Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) that decides which courier to use and is in direct contact with them.

Tracking numbers:

  • TNT tracking number is a 9 digits code to use on https://www.tnt.com.

  • FedEx tracking number is a 12 digits code to use on https://www.fedex.com.

  • DHL tracking number is a 10 digits code to use on https://www.logistics.dhl.

  • UPS tracking number is in the form 1Z1234X00123456789 to use on https://www.ups.com.

  • GLS tracking number is in the form V7 123456789 X1 where X1 is a code for their destination department. Use only the V7 123456789 part for the tracking in their Italian website https://www.gls-italy.com/en. The tracking code will usually be activated few hours after the dispatch. After passing the Italian border they'll provide you a new international reference number that can also be tracked in their European website https://gls-group.eu where more details are shown.

  • DPD tracking number is a 14 digits code to use on https://www.dpd.com/tracking and it will be generated the day after the actual dispatch.

  • EMS tracking number is a code that looks like EB123456789IT to use on https://t.17track.net or on https://www.ems.post/en/global-network/tracking. EMS is not an express courier but relies on national post services so the delivery time may be of few weeks. Usually the tracking goes silent for at least a week waiting for the parcel to be processed by the destination country customs. We must use this courier for shipping perfumes outside the European Union and any product to the countries where other private couriers are not allowed or refuse to operate.
    Their shipments have also a national code associated with, which usually is updated more often, so you can ask us to send it to you in order to better track the shipping on the Italian website https://www.poste.it.

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