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    Blue Tailoring is the story of an ideal collection, never made for sale, whose protagonist is a fabric with an ancient history and an infinite future: denim. In Blue Tailoring Stefano Chiassai, an international fashion designer, talks about the processes, dynamics, relationships, ferments of a creative laboratory, the path that leads an idea to take physical form in a suit.

    And why choose jeans to tell this story? Because denim, the most popular fabric in the world, has always been a fertile and vital material, a fabric that has been able to adapt to every style in every era. From a material used for workwear, it has become the subject of high-end craftsmanship but also high-tech textile production.

    A fabric that never ceases to amaze and conquer for its inexhaustible technical-creative potential, often mixed with fibers and elements that are very different from each other. With Blue Tailoring Chiassai offers a personal interpretation of jeans in the world of men's clothing, opening the doors of his laboratory to the reader.

    We thus find ourselves immersed in the behind-the-scenes of the fashion system, made up of stories, travels, difficulties, creative and production processes, but above all made up of people and relationships. It is thanks to these interweaving of minds and hearts, places and instants that a dream gradually materializes into reality.

    The volume is divided into 10 thematic chapters in which the designer examines and reflects from different angles (the seams, the collages, the relationships between classic and contemporary...) on that “space for contamination” that is jeans. Four essays on fashion, denim and a section dedicated to textile companies that have collaborated with Chiassai for the realization of the Blue Tailoring project follow.

    Stefano Chiassai
    He presented his first collection at Pitti Trend, Pitti Uomo and at the Milan Fashion Week in the 1980s. In 1987 he participated in the Barcelona Biennale. Collaborate with international menswear brands.
    He was Art Director of Gazzarrini, Sixty, Joseph and collaborator of Valentino Fashion Group. Since 2009 he has been Art Director of the Fendi Menswear line.

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