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Conceived by British designer Gareth Casey and produced entirely in his Paris laboratory, Casey & Casey is the result of a passion that goes beyond the concept of fashion and approval. The philosophy behind Casey Casey clothing is to make relive recycled fabrics and canvas, giving them a sophisticated and timeless look. None of the fabrics used are wasted: every piece of fabric is mixed and sewed together, so the patchwork becomes one of its hallmarks. After this begins a process of dyeing, washing and embroidering entirely by hand which makes each piece unique and original.

Casey Vidalenc Paris

Brand born in 1997 in Paris, designed by Gareth Casey and Philippe Vidalenc. Its target are artists or anyone who has an artistic, creative, lover of things well done. Casey and Vidalenc do not chase fashion. The simplicity of their collections is the essence of the brand itself: the personality of the customer will enrich the dress worn. In other words, it is not the garment that defines a person but exactly the opposite.

Casey-Vidalenc Clothing

The clothing and accessories of this brand are created entirely by hand in Paris. The particular process of washing and dyeing the fabrics ensures that Casey Casey clothes have a unique, shiny finish and are soft and flexible to the touch.

Casey Casey Women's Clothing

Casey Casey women's dresses are comfortable, relaxed, functional and with an unmistakable French touch. The cut is tailored but simple and clean. Each Casey Casey garment is carefully worked by hand as in the ancient Parisian ateliers.

Casey Casey and Vidalenc Online

This brand does not like to advertise itself or participate in fashion shows. To discover the collections, click Casey Casey online and select Casey Casey stockists currently present in Europe and the world.

Casey Casey Vidalenc Sale

At the online store Lazzariweb you will find a series of discounted items, in addition to the new winter and summer collections. Shipping all over the world.

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