• 08SIRCUS

    The designer Kiminori Morishita launches in 2009 in Paris the first collection of 08sircus, name that comes from the union of 'Sir' and 'customer': it already from this particular you can clearly see his dedication to quality and design. Kiminori by his personal reinterpretation of the sports wear, modernizing fabrics and materials inspired by the world with vintage cuts and contemporary structures.


    Acqua delle Langhe is a collection of artistic fragrances in which precious raw materials are mixed with artisanal methods. Slow, patient and meticulous gestures are needed to create Acqua delle Langhe unisex perfumes and home fragrances. The common denominator of all the fragrances created by Alberto Avetta is the strong link with the territory of origin: the Piedmontese Langhe. Acqua delle Langhe are author's aromas that flow from memories, from emotions, from love for Avetta's native lands. Each fragrance is therefore born in La Morra, in the province of Alba, before being produced in a small workshop near Milan. Cannubi, devised by Avetta one summer, walking among the Langhe vines, is citrus and earthy, with notes of cardamom, grapes and wild rose. Neirane has instead blossomed in the woods: bark, moss, iris, geranium, lavender and citrus are its olfactory colors. Cerequio recalls the Orient with its bouquet of enveloping spices, sweetened by citrus and almond notes. Sarmassa is the sweetest of the Acqua delle Langhe collection, with a heart melted in honey, amber and spicy vanilla. The Acqua delle Langhe fragrances are literally wonderful essences, which awaken memories, nourish suggestions, arouse different feelings in each of us, enriching us in body and spirit.


    The Adieu Paris concept is based on the combination of simplicity and excellence for reinterpreting male footwear with a new informality. Adieu shoes are handmade with only high quality leather from France and Italy.


    Enthusiast since childhood from the world of textiles, Adriano Ragni founded in 1964 his company of knitwear, in Umbria : it is precisely by the simple beauty and outspoken of this earth that Ragni will draw its biggest inspirations, managing to embody the essence and the harmonious landscape to his creations, thus making it more balanced and linear . Today, Adriano Ragni works for the most prestigious fashion houses establishing itself among the most great masters of ancient Italian textile tradition.


    Allen Edmonds, a manufacturer of men's shoes, born in 1922 in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Become well know after providing footwear for members US Army during World War II, who remained loyal to the brand for years to come. The Allen Edmonds strenght are the upper leathers that are used, such as calfskin and cordovan; to each shoe, between the inner and outer sole, it is applied a layer of cork that is modeled according to the shape of the foot with the heat, while ensuring a high level of comfort. Also they are all machined following the Goodyear method, a technique that ensures the perfect adhesion between upper and sole.


    Descente’s desire, passion and spirit are aimed at enriching people’s lives through superlative sportswear. All intricate planning and design come from here after trial and error. The only thing which remains after removing all non-essential elements is simple design. And that is the essence of ALLTERRAIN.


    A monochromatic palate, the beauty in all shades of black and grays, the dusty mystery of no color, of muted tones. Black is protection, sophistication, freedom, strength, attentiveness to simplicity. The glamorous aspect of dark, the noble, the elegant, not necessarily the wound of dark, yet that too is bound by the other. The masculine and feminine, a genderless silhouette. Each piece a canvas. Each piece created by hand, one at a time.


    As Know As is a Japanese brand belonging to the group As Know As You Commodities Co. Ltd. As Know As merges the essence of what is trendy with a fascinating and unique taste. As each of us has our own strengths, so there are clothes suitable for each of us, with their own characteristics, their own tastes, their own moods and desires. As Know As creates clothes and accessories that dress the personality of the wearer, made to last and be loved for a long time.


    AvantgarDenim born from top brand Italian European Culture researcher for the blue Jeans.This project wants to experiment with new fabrics and washes to give the jeans a contemporary and evolved look. Their strength lies in the Royal Dye, Immersion staining technique to dye simultaneously more different materials, giving you the ability to create super stretch garments by mixing the classic denim canvas in stretch jersey. They have also created a wide range of fit , starting from SKINNY LEGGINS for those who prefer the fit snug and comfortable up to the BOY ORIGINAL for lovers of soft pant leg.


    The Scottish brand Ballantyne has been linked to the world of precious yarns since the 19th century, when Henry Ballantyine became a successful merchant in the sale of tweed and tartan knitwork, also increasingly appreciated by the nobility.
    D. Ballantyne Brothers & Co. Ltd was officially born in 1920, when Ballantyne's sons joined forces to expand their father's business. Objective: to produce fine knitwear in pure Scottish cashmere, with sophisticated inlays, workmanship on a worldwide scale.
    Today the historic Scottish company is led by Fabio Gatto, creative director with 30 years of experience at all levels in the fashion system. Today the present and the future of Ballantyne move along the path of research and innovation, thanks to a centuries-old history that has been able to establish its name as a synonym for an excellent raw material: the Scottish cashmere.


    Barny Nakhle is a designer that has an architectural approach to the construction of shoes. He designs shoes with a soul and believes in moving ahead with times and influences. His line is hand-crafted and pure which concept stems from the usage and classification of “real” and “concrete” methods. Different techniques are combined: sharp cutting and playful ideas result in a personal built of contrasting volumes and proportions. The abstraction of the stitching in the assemblage is a preconception of homogeineity or uniformity.


    Beautiful people was launched in 2007 by designer Hidenori Kumakiri. The debut collection was mixed haute-couture with casual and showed Kumakiri’s ability to bring together extremes in a balanced manner. It featured military items using 100% silk chiffon fabric, and “vintage denim” with details replaced by embroidery. This mixture of haute-couture and casual still sets the tone for the brand today.


    Beby italy projects craft traditions in the future. With more than 50 years experience in creating chandeliers, Beby Italy today illuminates the homes and most important buildings, bringing the Made in Italy luxury worldwide. Each creation is the perfect combination of fine materials and creativity, technique and art, modern reinterpreting the classics. With Diluce lines and The Scent of Light, the designer Silvia Broggian wanted to create a line of candles inspired by the collections Beby Italy, to give every room a touch of style and elegance.


    BePositive is a brand that combines alternative and refined taste made with materials that represent a search for style and quality.


    Boris Bidjan Saberi is a menswear designer born on September 11, 1978 in Munich in Germany. Of German-Persian origins, he developed a style and a language deeply tied to the theme of dualism, to the relationship between Western tradition and Middle Eastern tradition, to clothes with or without a shape. He launched his brand in 2007 and since then he has been taking part in Paris fashion week every year. His is a functional and urban clothing, with a contemporary tailoring cut, which celebrates the encounter between two cultures, the European and the Middle Eastern. His passion for numerology and symbolism crosses and enriches his language. 11 by BBS is the name of a line launched in 2013 and which has taken on different stimuli of contemporary reality, always putting them in a dualistic, contrasting and meeting relationship: street wear, military style with ribbons and medals, Latin gangs, marine style , Japanese boron and so on. In the 11 by BBS collection the sneakers stand out, with an avant-garde design, the result of continuous experimentation both in the graphic approach and in the search for raw materials. Since 2014 Boris Bidjan Saberi is an official member of the Chambre masculine of the Federation Française de la Couture.

  • CAMO

    CAMO's founder is Stefano Ughetti, born in 1974 in Biella. After working for ten years in a furnishing company and then in the home design world, in 2005 he decided to open "Superstar", a menswear concept store in Biella. Two years later, in 2007, he launched his first collection of men's clothing with CAMO label. Short for "camouflage" ("mimetic"), CAMO has nothing to do with the typical military pattern. CAMO and Stefano Ughetti's mission is not to cover and hide people behind and inside clothes, but to put the dress in communication with the wearer, harmonizing them together. Man and clothing must come into contact, in synergy, according to Ughetti, but express themselves in unison with the world too. CAMO trousers, knitwear and outerwear therefore have an extremely modern, contemporary and 100% Made in Italy style.


    Carol Christian Poell is an Austrian designer, who after finishing his studies in fashion design in Italy , decided to create and produce in Milan. The debut took place in 1995, when he released the first of his collections, which are all characterized by a complex use of materials and particular construction techniques. Thanks to its extravagant installations and to his artistic talent, he has been able to become over the years one of the leading figures in the avant-garde fashion world. The brand CCP is excellent craftsmanship, classy extravagance and peculiarity merged together.


    Conceived by British designer Gareth Casey and produced entirely in his Paris laboratory, Casey & Casey is the result of a passion that goes beyond the concept of fashion and approval. The philosophy behind Casey Casey clothing is to make relive recycled fabrics and canvas, giving them a sophisticated and timeless look. None of the fabrics used are wasted: every piece of fabric is mixed and sewed together, so the patchwork becomes one of its hallmarks. After this begins a process of dyeing, washing and embroidering entirely by hand which makes each piece unique and original.


    The Vetta fabric factory of the Bettanin family was born in Torrebelvicino (VI) in the early seventies. The family passion for Italian haute couture has more distant origins: it is the fifties when the first generation Bettanin worked a shop to make skirts and trousers. Since then the know as more precious, has been handed down from father to son. Today it is Filippo Bettanin who leads the company, collaborating with the most important international fashion labels. In 2014 he founded the Cellar Door brand, the result of the careful study of the family sartorial archive and the military one. The collections of the new brand are a perfect synthesis of craftsmanship and innovation, avant-garde stylistic solutions and love for tradition, innovative materials and high tailoring of trousers. The result is garments of authentic beauty and unique quality, 100% Made in Italy but with a cosmopolitan soul.


    "Cerasus" in Latin means "cherry". Cerasus Japanese jewelry has a retro style, romantic and refined in detail. The favorite material for making Cerasus jewels is brass, which naturally gives an antique effect to precious items.


    Founded in 1969 by the Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garçons is an avant-garde fashion brand that will enjoy great success during the 1970s, and then debuted on the world scene in 1981 in Paris. The collection will attract the hype and attention of the media thanks to its unconventional, asymmetrical and monochromatic style. Today Rey Kawakubo is considered a true pioneer of avant-garde fashion. There are several collaborations and lines designed by the designer over the years, such as the Play line, which denotes her preference for minimal structures adorned with variations of the iconic heart-shaped symbol.


    The famous designer label Comme des Garcons create in 1994 CDG Parfums, a company dedicated to products for perfumery : unisex and innovative fragrances in contrast to the traditional ones, are presented in a totally unconventional way,as it is in the artistic nature of fashion designer Rei Kawacubo. The first creation will be Eau de Parfum CDG , a real " olfactory world " touching notes such as cedar , nutmeg and cinnamon. In 1998 will be born an original and extravagant project : Odeur 53 , the first of the " anti perfumes " , it was created thanks to a technology used to clone and recreate smells of inorganic materials that can be found every day in the air. There will then be several productions like the Incense series , Play, and also Blue Lux , boasting numerous collaborations in the world of fashion and design , to name a few : Monocle , Yoshi Yamamoto , Stephen Jones and Pharrell Williams


    Coohem is a contemporary Japanese brand born in 2010 as its own brand of the historic textile company Yonetomi Seni Co., Ltd., founded in Yamanobe in 1952. Coohem derives from kōhen, a Japanese term indicating a traditional weaving technique that combines different yarns to create fabrics unique intertwined. This brand has therefore specialized in the production of colorful and captivating multi-strand knitted tweed garments, the result of over sixty years of craftsmanship experience combined with the creative vision of young designers. Coohem production is 100% Made in Japan.


    The brand Cornelian Taurus by Daisuke Iwanaga was founded in 2007 in Japan. The production focuses on bags and accessories that can be considered pieces of design. The skins are among the most valuable of the territory and are mixed with bronze details through more sophisticated Japanese techniques. Of particular importance for Corelian Taurus, it is to be able to preserve the culture and the typical traditions of their land. The flavor of craftsmanship and creativity are present in every object in the collection, that can only fascinate!


    Cy Choi is a South Korean brand of men's clothing. The designer Chul-Yong Choi, born in 1972, studied natural fibers and fashion design in Seoul and then obtained a Master's degree from the Domus Academy in Milan. He collaborated with numerous Italian and International brands until in 2009 he launched his own label "Cy Choi", much appreciated by critics since the first fashion show in Paris. Cy Choi loves contrasts: short/long, colored/achromatic, stiff/soft, etc. The design of its clothing is clean, with clean lines, characterized by a rigorous use of color and original prints. Cy Choi men's clothing blends sports style and business style harmoniously.


    D by D * Syoukei is a project of tailored jackets born in Tokyo. The three milestones of the brand are: urban, comfort and luxury. Pieces made to perfection that combine the comfort of the shirt with the unique fit made by skilled artisan hands.


    D’Ottavio leather bags aren't just items of an Italian brand, but the result of a project born in Padua in 2018 from the long time and international experience of the D'Ottavio family in handcrafting leather accessories. It's the fruit of decades of research and experimentation, which has brought to a complete evolution in the leather bags making process. Strengthened by a stylistic and technical background of rare heterogeneity, DʼOttavioʼs philosophy focuses on high-end designed products between and refinement and functionality.
    With an unconventional and timeless stylistic line, DʼOttavioʼs creations combine an accurate choice of the materials with careful craftwork, in order to bring practicality, quality and design together.
    Three iconic items that fully represent D’Ottavio are the handbag E48, the shoulder bag E47 and the weekend bag E70.
    Each name has the letter E for Everyday, as they are meant to be multipurpose for any daily occurrence, followed by the number of total components that make the bag. It's a way to communicate the amount of work and creative thought in making every single one of D'Ottavio luxurious products.


    Born in 2019, D.D.P. Iconic Brand by Davide Dalla Pozza is an Italian brand of young clothing in which innovation versus tradition come together in handmade and conceptual garments. Dalla Pozza creates iconic clothes with precise and recurring details in each collection. Some popular Friulian myths inspire him, protagonists of his imagination since childhood. Jackets, sweaters, pants and bags are always decorated by hand with two mythological figures dear to him: Petrussa and Dahu. Petrussa is a bewitched lightning with sinister red eyes that captivates time wasters and lazy bones. Summoning the witch Petrussa often meant soliciting obedience and discipline in children. Dahu is instead a threatening cloud with fiery eyes that terrify and kidnap bad and capricious children. Beside the myths of his childhood, Dalla Pozza metaphorically "branded" his clothes also with the suggestive image of the "cosmic cross". All D.D.P. creations Iconic brands present calfskin pockets painted with a showy Latin cross, symbol of cosmic transcendence from matter to spirit. The vertical section ideally connects the earth to the sky, overcoming the horizontal arm as if it were an obstacle or a border to be crossed. Because going beyond is a way to rise again, to give life to a possible future. Life that symbolically returns also on the flap of the cross pockets of D.D.P.. A stylized comet star in two elements represents it: a steel stud and a red knot of frayed thread. The materials preferred by Dalla Pozza are leather and denim, mixed in a completely personal streetwear style, the result of the stratification of myths, memories, icons and meanings.


    Deepti Barth, former collaborator of Carol Christian Poell, debuted in 2014 presenting her first collection of the same name. Her works are characterized by the use of unique materials, employed with experimental techniques. This is the peculiarity of the German designer, who differentiates her works from any other avant-garde designer.


    The collection Delle Cose is expressed in the production of bags and shoes with imperceptible details that enhance the taste of craftsmanship. Products that are simple, nice and practical!

  • DESA 1972

    Desa is among the largest and most experienced manufacturer of luxury leather goods for major international brands, the Turkish company was born in 1972. In the spring of 2014 has its officially debut with his own line of bags and accessories for women, with a conceptual collection, sophisticated and minimalist. The brand will be called precisely Desa 1972 to honor the company's 40-year career, during which has achieved a solid experience in the processing of raw hides and research and development of raw materials.


    The Finnish designer Damaris Vrandecic creates handcrafted and poetic shoes, bags, jewels. She uses only top quality natural materials handcrafted by a staff of talented craftsmen who assemble one piece after another each Devrandecic accessory. The fabrics are patiently treated by hand to obtain different textures and thicknesses. The leathers are washed, wrinkled, boiled and pressed. Organic elements such as bones, shells, irregular pearls, wood are combined together with precious materials such as gold and silver to become jewels or decorations for shoes and bags. The balance between creativity and craftsmanship, fine materials and raw materials makes unique each piece signed by Devrandecic.


    It is from legendary and mysterious imaginary that Wolfgang A. Elfers, ElfCraft designer, takes inspiration for his creations. Each piece of the wide range of necklaces , bracelets and rings, carries with it an identifying trait which is related to these realities, as mythological representations and symbols of worship, so characterizing their uniqueness. Each piece of jewelery is completely handmade and silver is combined sometimes with leather and with precious stones such as onyx and quartz.


    The Ematyte emerging brand was born from the merger between the Tuscan artisan tradition and experimental aesthetics, mixing the old with the new, the past with the future. Each of his shoe is made by hand and takes shape from a single piece of high-quality reverse horse's skin, after being softened and dyed with completely natural products. The design of his creations stands out thanks to outstanding details, like the unusual side lacing, which closes the shoe in an incredibly creative.


    European Culture is a brand of the Italian textile company DFP International SpA specialized in the ancient technique of " garment-dyed": every garment is dyed only after being sewn and packaged. The technical experts of European Culture dye the clothes made with various mixes of fabrics and precious fibers in tanks of color at 95 ° for 4 hours. The result is hypoallergenic clothes, perfectly intact and homogeneous in color, materials and shapes. Always looking for innovative aesthetic and functional solutions, European Culture has a sporty mind and an artist's heart. It offers elegant, classic, tailored sporty-casual looks. The design choices for every collection communicate a sober, sophisticated and versatile style in high quality and comfort clothes, immune to the fickleness of fashion.


    The brand of Japanese eyewear Eyevan was founded in 1972, succeeding immediately to gain popularity due to the excellent design and quality of products. But it will be in 1985, that the brand will be able to expand globally in a very surprising way. The Eyevan 7285 line, wants to celebrate these important first 13 years of the company, giving life to old sketches from their archive: the result will be a timeless eyewear.


    Fad Three is a Japanese brand based in Tokyo founded in 2003. Fad Three’s modern design combines the revolution of the free imagination and unisex with something which has never existed before. FAD THREE has created a fashion which makes people feel happy because they can find a clue to communication between clothing and people.


    Year 1561. In the heart of Florence, a few steps from the Palazzo del Duomo, today's Farmacia Santissima Annunziata (Santissima Annunziata Pharmacy) was born. The historic headquarters in Via dei Servi is a masterpiece of art, culture and beauty. Its architectural lines echo the typical taste and charm of the Renaissance; the eighteenth-century furnishings, perfectly preserved, recall the refinement and elegance of the time.

    It is the Azzerlini family who write the recent history of the Pharmacy, preserving and renovating over time one of the oldest shops in Florence. Specialized in cosmetics and art perfumery, the Pharmacy SS. Annunziata keeps the precious secrets of the Florentine apothecaries, proposing them in a contemporary way, the result of continuous and advanced technological research.

    Past and future thus come together in three lines of excellent products, fully Made in Italy: the cosmetic line (hair, face and body products; products for men); the line of perfumes for the person, a bouquet of precious essences; the line of home fragrances, each of which can be placed in one or more domestic environments. The production of Farmacia SS. Annunziata is made with ingredients of natural origin, free of parabens and GMOs, cruelty free, eco-sustainable.

  • FEIT

    Australian shoe and accessory brand Feit was founded by brothers Tull and Josh Price in 2005. The mission is to offer an artisan, superior and sustainable alternative and an excessive and disposable series production of shoes. Each pair of Feit is built by a single craftsman from start to finish. And, for each pair, it takes an average of two weeks of processing. That's why different models are often offered in limited editions. The raw materials used are mostly organic and treated with natural and traditional techniques. The sole is made of natural rubber, that is, of a lattice obtained from the Hevea Brasiliensis, the rubber tree. Hevea plantations are ecological and non-destructive to other environmental ecosystems. The removable cork midsole and insole are also eco-friendly. Cork is a natural material that is periodically extracted from the bark of cork oaks in respect of trees and habitat. These natural materials "breathe" and are modeled on the body and life lived by the wearer. In other words, the more time passes, the more Feit leather shoes and accessories take on a personal, unique timeless charm.


    Filippo Sorcinelli perfumes: an atelier founded by an all-round histrionic artist whose creations are inspired by his history, his travels and his passion for art, architecture and high ecclesiastical tailoring. Filippo Sorcinelli Unum is a collection of perfumes of the spirit and not only of spirituality, open to the most unpredictable artistic contaminations. Filippo Sorcinelli LAVS is one of the perfumes of the Unum capsule and is inspired by the Lavs workshop of Sorcinelli, excellence in the production of paraments for Catholic liturgy. Extrait de Musique is instead a collection of perfumes Filippo Sarcinelli dedicated to the sounds and music of the organ, an instrument studied and practiced by Sorcinelli since childhood. Filippo Sorcinelli Nebbia is instead a line of three perfumes consecrated to the meteorological phenomenon of fog and its mystery.


    After being artistic director of several fashion houses like Kenzo, Ungaro, Arrow, Courreges, Enamel... in 2011 Franck Boclet launched his own men's fashion brand and in 2013, together with Ludovic Perrin, his first line of perfumes. After the first four, the collection expands to 28 perfume juices and 15 fragrance extracts. Also the variety and the essences vary accordingly: if the first four fragrances were oriental and woody, the subsequent aromas are flowery, woody, sweet, fruity... Each Franck Boclet perfume tells a story, like "Angie", inspired by the famous song of Rolling Stones, or "Heroes", like the song by David Bowie. Franck Boclet draws inspiration from contemporary art, from rock music, from design and from everything around him, like the detail of a film, a comic, a landscape, the feeling that a fabric gives him a touch...


    Brand of stylish and practical travel accessories born in 2016 in Hong Kong. The high quality of each product is designed specifically for both the international traveler and the commuter. Handbags, backpacks, suitcases, comfortable and easily accessible trolley suitcases, innovative in the choice of raw materials and design elements, offered in a wide range of colors, patterns and materials. For example, the backpacks are foldable and convertible from three to two sizes. They can be fixed on a trolley for convenient and functional transport of both of them. Frequent Flyer was launched as a lifestyle accessories brand.


    The Japanese brand Fuga Fuga uses only natural fabrics, designed and directly designed by the Fuga Fuga designers to create their own women's clothing collections. Raw materials from all over the world and the development of creative and special yarns are among the strongest features of the brand. The iconic colors of Fuga Fuga are three: traditional Japanese blue, natural beige and ink black. However, each season contemplates the inclusion of other colors in combination with the basic palette of the brand. Founded in 2010 as a new brand of the Japanese fashion group Sato Seni Co. Ltd., Fuga Fuga in Italia can only be found at Lazzari Store in Treviso and on our eshop


    Gaiede is a Japanese brand born in 2008. The craftsman and artist of the leather goods Atsushi Toyama creates leather accessories as if they were sculptures. Hand-engraved decorative details embellish wallets, bags, hats, belts in mainly vegetable-tanned leather. The "Janis" series includes small leather goods with details painted in pure silver (99.99%). The "Janis Lapis Lazuli" series offers leather accessories painted with Vermeer blue lapis lazuli. The Gaiede logo with a stylized shield and sword reflects Japanese traction, the technology applied to the processing of leather and the desire to protect important things. In addition to these wearable items, Toyama also creates decorative leather bands to wrap around pots of plants.


    Goes Botanical was born from the idea of ​​developing a collection of luxury knitwear in extra-fine merino wool, carefully studied in the form, materials and manufacturing processes Made in Italy. Goes Botanical has created a line of merino wool garments that can be used 12 months a year thanks to the particular properties of this fiber: breathable in contact with the skin, it produces an isothermal effect, self-adjusting the temperature of the garment to the body and exterior. These characteristics are expressed exponentially in the quality of wool chosen by Goes Botanical for their men's knitwear collection: Merinos Extrafine Super 140's, the best yarn in nature with thermoregulating characteristics.


    Golden Goose Deluxe Brand comes from the passion of Francesca and Alessandro Gallo for fashion and art. Sneakers, clothing and accessories, reinterpretations of Italian style with a tendency to experimentation. The attention to detail and the combinations with different facets of the brand's icons - the star and stylized flag - create a modern and sophisticated lifestyle. Strong attachment with Venice, hometown, today more and more city of great inspiration.


    Guidi, with the foundation of the historic tannery Guidi Rossellini at the end of 800, it will become one of the most renowned manufacturers of leather internationally. Each shoe and accessory is entirely handmade in Italy, using refined skins such as the horse and the kangaroo, without neglecting the uniqueness of a timeless design. Detachment from the standard shoes production and the sophisticated natural dyeing techniques, will do Guidi one of the most admired by the world's great designers manufacturers.


    The Harikae collection incorporates both traditional art that modern lifestyle and design. With 17 years of experience as a model, Harikae has just launched its first collection focused on knitwear using the best quality materials and craftsmen. The capsule collection is full of wool and embroidery, bringing the elegance and finesse essential in every day.


    Designed and produced in Japan, Haversack reinvented in a modern way the classic working clothing from the 60s. The designer Koji Norihide takes his greatest inspirations from the American army vintage, working meticulously on the details. Although the style is very similar to the Western one, the Haversack collections are difficult to find outside of the Asian market.


    Japanese Hiromi Tsuyoshi was born in Tokyo as a graphic designer . But fascinated by the world of fabrics for their colors and their versatility of processing methods , she decided to change direction and create his first collection of knitwear . Working close with Japanese craftsmen , season after season has refine its manufacturing techniques . The philosophy of the designer is to create comfortable and timeless garments , giving way to the wearer to perceive fully his passion .


    Born in 1992 in Paris, thanks to its slogan "Peace, Love, Unity and Fun", openly inspired by the Hip Hop culture. But Homecore does not intend at all to adapt to the stereotypes of the musical genre and the culture that derives from it. His challenge is to propose an evolution through a timeless style of clothing. For example, the bourgeois men's blazer borrows the plush fabrics of children's clothing: this garment marks the new direction taken by Homecore in building its own brand identity and style. The birth and spread of Gumjo in the early 2000s is a powerful source of inspiration for Homecore. In fact some details of the garments underline certain points of the figure, those that identify the inner structure and the energy centers of the human body: for example the red seams along the spine, the leather cords around the waist of the trousers, etc. Homecore men's suits are designed to feel comfortable, free and themselves: in life, every day.


    Il Bisonte is an Italian accessories brand founded in Florence in 1970 by Wanny de Filippo, where the Tuscan designer realizes and takes care of his products still today. Known around the world for its creations in natural leather in vegetable tanning, Il Bisonte over the years has emerged in the world of luxury accessories while maintaining constant the traditions and the craftsmanship of its origins.


    Il by Saori Komatsu is a Japanese high-quality, seamless prêt-à-porter knitwear brand founded in Tokyo in 2008. The use of the special Wholegarment® technology allows the use of a single thread to make the entire knitwear item, without wasting raw material and therefore low environmental impact. The result is soft, comfortable, easy to wear, ecological knitwear made only with natural fibers. Designer Saori Komatsu prefers structured models in three-dimensional workmanship, in neutral colors such as gray, ivory white, brick red, beige... to create extremely delicate and contemporary women's clothing collections.


    Innerraum is a project born in 2019 by the will of the founders of the designer eyewear brand Kuboraum, Livio Graziottin and Sergio Eusebi. In perfect balance between art and fashion, Innerraum offers creative accessories in which the concept of luxury is distorted in its most predictable and usual stylistic canons. The aesthetics of Innerraum bags and eyewear are even science fiction, futuristic, launched into a distant and unknown tomorrow, of which, however, we grasp traces of the past. From clutches to eyeglasses, Innerraum products are artistic objects, small sculptures to wear, rather than real accessories complementary to an outfit. The shell-shaped and 3D bags, made of plastic and technical fabric, seem to come from space; the glasses, in metal wire worked in refined but unusual frames, reveal profound, visionary, never banal personalities. Through this very special project Graziottin and Eusebi express a new language, a way of communicating the artistic side of fashion (and vice versa). An approach in which every single accessory becomes a polyphonic object, an element that increases reality and the real extension of the body in the context in which it moves, thinks and lives.


    The Japanese brand Japan Blue Jeans is the result of decades of experience in the manufacture of denim. After having established themselves as producers for renowned companies around the world, in 2010 give life to their brand, which focuses the attention on the use of top quality materials and modern construction on the trousers and comfortable fit.


    John Varvatos is a brand of menswear, men’s shoes, men’s accessories for haute couture, technological innovation and rock and roll style, a genre of music loved by this designer. Born in Detroit but of Greek origin, John Varvatos began his career at Polo Ralph Lauren in the early eighties and nineties. In '90 he became a stylist of the Calvin Klein men's line and then returned to the Polo Ralph Lauren in '95. He founded his eponymous brand in 1999. Still today are celebrated and researched the All-Star sneakers signed John Varvatos, created in collaboration with Converse in 2000. In 2004 he launched his first perfume, John Varvatos Classic, and in 2006 his first line of glasses. John Varvatos was able to distinguish very soon in the fashion world for his style and personality: in 2000 the Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded him the Perry Ellis Award as a New Menswear Designer and as a Menswear Designer of the Year  in 2001 and 2005. In 2007 he was named Designer of the Year by the magazine GQ.


    Born in Paris, Julien David moved to New York at the age of 19 where he attended the Parsons School of Design. He collaborated first with Narciso Rodriguez, then with Ralph Lauren. In 2006 he moved to Japan and two years later he founded his own brand. Julien David uses precious raw materials such as silk, cashmere, natural fibers and mixes digital embroidery and original prints. His collections are distributed in the best boutiques around the world.


    The Japanese designer Horikawa believes in his brand Julius as a real art form. Its not just a desire to create clothing, but a real need to assemble ideas and emotions, that making them real and tangible. His inspirations come from architecture, music and cinematography, collections from minimal lines and all based on the color black, which is for the designer synonymous with purity and cutting-edge.


    The brand Kapital takes its name from the city of Kojima, also called the Japanese capital of denim. Established at the end of the eighties, Kapital jeans were the initially focus of the clothing brand, then over the years Kapital made its collection of clothing items bigger with new total-look creations, unpredictable and far from the fashion archetypes but at the same time always studied and produced with unequaled perfectionism.
    To date, Kapital is considered one of the pillars of Japanese fashion sold in few selected stores in the world and distributed online by few European online web shops. Kapital jeans, scarves, hats, pants, T-shirts and jackets are true masterpieces of Japanese creativity.


    Born in 2004, the Japanese Junichi Abe Kolor brand is an innovative approach and the unconventional accents. Every combination is studied in detail to be bold and courageous but at the same time always discreet. mainly concentrated on textiles, construction and details, the designer Abe gives life to creations comfortable but sophisticated, with original color combinations but always carefully studied.


    Kuboraum is a jewelry-eyewear brand dreamed in Berlin and hand made in Italy with a large design component. All pieces are realized through a complicated process which makes every piece different from the other. Any apparent imperfection is wished for surplus the value. So now select your sunglasses-mask.

  • L.L. BEAN

    L.L. Bean, specialized in outdoor clothing and leisure equipment, is still based in Freeport, Maine (USA), where it was founded by Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912. The first product marketed by Bean was Duck Boots (or Maine Hunting Boots), designed for Maine fishermen and hunters. Since then these boots have become the very icon of the brand, with their upper in caramel-colored leather, the upper in dark brown rubber and all the variations that have been periodically proposed over time, without ever distorting the original model. Today, like a century ago, L.L. Beans are synonymous with contact with nature and life in the open air but also with an adventurous lifestyle in the city. They are the symbol of authentic Made in USA craftsmanship, made by the skilled hands of local artisans. They are the most obvious result of a company founded on essential values that have become a guarantee for customers: quality, honesty, transparency.


    Luca Laurini founded Label Under Construction creating collections that express a careful research, combining valuable materials and skilled knitting techniques. The trial never seems to end contaminated by the architecture, photography and human feeling. The result is unique and precious knitwear, jackets and accessories that can be over-dyed, lasered, stamped or needled; the complexity of these achievements can be made only request by people who share the same passion.


    Laboratorio Olfattivo is a project created by a confluence of ideas and inspirations of the most eclectic noses of the international perfumery landscape, creating real emotional and sentimental expressions of the artists themselves. An example is Esvedra, born from the desire to create a fragrance that transmits the magnetic charm and full of contrasts of the island, and nirmal, olfactory experience that brings to mind calm, gentle and quiet thanks to the olfactory pyramid of delicate lines and soft.


    Leather Crown was founded in 2009 from an idea of Giovanni Cavallin and Fabio Brassini, both coming from two historic Italian footwear companies. The merger of their respective experiences in the shoes market, leading to the birth of a totally Italian brands (Venice) with a carefully crafted and attention to detail typical of Italian production. Each wash is done entirely by hand and the footbed within each sole increases the comfort level. As for design, we can notice its vanguard in the two-tone patterns and in the combination of leather and canvas. The attention to the use of special leathers is rappresented in the models realized in reptile, while innovation is evident in some new proposals that mix the sandal style with the comfort of the urban shoe sole


    Pierre Francois Lubin began his perfume business in 1798 on rue Sainte Anne in Paris, Josephine and Paolina Bonaparte make him famous, best known for his "Acqua vivificante" that is now "L'Eau de Lubin"

  • M.&KYOKO

    Always fond of yarns and fabrics, the Japanese designer Masaky along with his wife Kyoko, from birth to M. & Kyoko brand. Driven by his great dedication for knitwear, Masaky is always looking for the best materials from all over the world, experimenting in each collection the best processing techniques learned during his decades of experience. The result is high quality garments, but by a singular and original taste, in the Japanese style.


    Maurizio Amadei is a self-taught fashion designer born in Rome but trained in London. Former designer of the avant-garde Perugia brand Carpe Diem, he became famous for the manual production of shoes, accessories and clothing starting from a single piece of leather or fabric. His purpose is to minimize seams, thus allowing the purity and beauty of the raw material to emerge. The result is unique and innovative pieces with a minimalist and refined style. Each creation by Maurizio Amadei is marked by a metal or fabric cross that certifies its authenticity and craftsmanship. All M.A + products are handmade under the personal devoted care of Maurizio Amadei.

  • MA'RY'YA

    The Italian knitwear brand Ma'ry'ya offers an elegantly simple style, that luxury to wear every day with freedom and lightness. Designer Maria Icho began her career as a theatrical costume designer. However, her deep love for knitwear led her to propose her style to various Italian companies. Then in 2009 the big leap: Maria founded her own brand by focusing on the qualitative excellence of raw materials and the naturalness of design. Icho's favorite yarns are cashmere, merino wool, organic cotton and linen, silk, ... all produced and processed in Italy. A curiosity: the name of the brand "Ma'ry'ya" derives from the fusion between the Italian noun for "knitwear" and the designer's proper name.


    International fashion books and magazines to learn about trends and perspectives of fashion systems very distant from each other, in terms of geography and culture. Niche designers, emerging stylists, luxury artisans, creatives of Made in Italy…: the following publications will offer you an unpublished fresco of the fashion system at different latitudes and created by those who make fashion. Behind the scenes, the search for materials and new techniques and processing technologies, the creative and operational processes that lead from the idea to the product, the challenge of sustainability: fashion is constantly on the move, always looking for the near future. Our selection of books and magazines will help you stay on course.


    The French designer Marc Le bihen is not just a fashion designer , but a true artist and rigorous conceptualist. Being its personality strong and defined, he does not believe in the speed of trends and their impersonality but prefers the timeless style of the unconventional fashion . He loves to create contrast between shapes and textures , incorporating many times stronger materials such as leather , light and delicate fabrics like cotton and linen, thus abandoning the certainty of predictability


    The Massaua project has developed these concepts and, overcoming the basic clothing brand idea, proposes itself as a true cultural operator. The brand’s items, rigorously for men, are the outcome of sartorial care and are manufactured in numbered edition. The items are unique specimens of a collection, which is no longer meant as serial production linked to the fashion seasons, but as a selection of collectable artworks, meaningful handicrafts that convey long-lasting, timeless values.


    MSPC Master-Piece is a Japanese brand of backpacks and handbags of the most iconic and respected worldwide . Functionality , craftsmanship and aesthetics are the cornerstones of the philosophy Masterpiece : their team of young designers and creative , believes is crucial to design and build the immediate need, always drawing inspiration from everyday life and the needs of the end customer . The Cordura is their preferred material,a fabric that ensures durability and resistance , but they are always ready to experiment and to get involved with all the news that the market continuously offers


    Melissa was born in 1979 and was inspired by the sea. The shoes of the fishermen of the French Riviera were the first source of inspiration for Melissa, who thus created the Aranha model. In a short time, Melissa expands and settles in Brazil becoming one of the most popular shoes in circulation. Over the past decade, Melissa has produced over 32 million pairs and is now distributed in over 70 countries.


    Meo Fusciuni perfume brand was born from the definition of artistic perfumes as olfactory memory. Meo Fusciuni blends fragrances that recall lived moments of life, in a unique and exciting collection, the olfactory vision of a modern and nomad artist. Today Meo Fusciuni is an Italian indipendent brand, where planning reaches the boundaries in the research of olfactory memory. Yesterday was a nomad travelling, today is poetry, tomorrow will be mysticism.


    Graduated from Bunka Fashion College in 1994, Miyao worked as patterner for Comme des Garcons for nearly 13 years. His designs were deeply influenced by Rei Kawakubo. In 2005, he collaborated with young designers such as Ross Menuez on a year long project called Salvor Projects in New York city. In 2011, he officially started his own brand Miyao.


    Mug is a free magazine edited in Italy about fashion, design, art and trends. It's published in English and Japanese. You can find it also at


    The Napapijri’s story begins in 1967, at the foot of the Mont Blanc, in Valle d'Aosta, Italy. A travel bag manufacturer imagines outdoor apparel inspired by the great exploration expeditions of the twentieth century, in particular the discovery of the poles and the encounter with local populations such as the Eskimos. Representatives of the Napapijiri philosophy are the Skidoo and Rainforest parkas, which have become iconic models of the brand. The link with the most extreme lands of the planet and with the wisdom of those who live there, its respect for the environment and humanity, are the strengths of a company constantly projected into the future. Just think of the most recent collections designed and produced in the name of eco-sustainability: Ze-Knit, Superlight and Infinity.
    For the Ze-Knit collection click here.


    From the collaboration between the Japanese artist Kentaro Yamada and the scottish perfumer Euan McCall born the Neandertal perfumes, artistic, conceptual and unisex fragrances designed to celebrate the mysterious but indissoluble relationship between the Neanderthal and the contemporary Man. If Neanderthal, a hominid of refined intelligence and creative ability, were still among us, what perfumes would he perceive and how? A possible, fascinating answer in two fragrances: Neandertal Light, light, luminous and delicate; and Neandertal Dark, dark, smoky, wild. These are sophisticated blends, extraordinarily original and complex, far from the standards of traditional perfumery. Fresh, green and floral olfactory notes blend with innovative aromas, resinous distillates and mineral, earthy or animal compounds, like the natural smell of leather. The mixture of ingredients that exist even at the time of the Neanderthal Man along with other more contemporary rekindles a visceral olfactory memory, which has its roots, our roots, in Prehistory. Each Neandertal perfum bottle is unique and handmade by Kentaro Yamada.


    Nigel Cabourn is one of the biggest specialists in the outerwear industry : his life spent in the north of England led him to having to experience the solutions to the windy and cold weather conditions . Not surprisingly, one of his most famous jackets is named Mallory , in honor of English alpinist who attempted the conquest of Mount Everest. The style of his creations does not follow a conventional strand , but is inspired by the vintage world and its vast archives , with particular attention to the durability of fabrics and in every detail.

  • NUNC

    Nunc is a Japanese brand specialized in the production of backpacks, bags, accessories designed to be extremely functional, practical, useful to respond to any type of need: work, school, leisure, business travel, holidays, cities,... Backpacks and multifunction and transformable bags that simplify and rationalize everyday life as well as the most adventurous challenges.

  • OAMC

    OAMC represents a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and innovative techniques. Taking influence from contemporary culture, traditional menswear, functional and rational design, nature, technical innovation, material development, and extensive traditional craft, OAMC creates modern menswear for the culture and context of now. Respect for the past is important; notions of re-creating the past are not. OAMC is about the present; what is aesthetically pleasing now; what is culturally relevant now; what is technically possible and valid now.


    Korean brand of cosmetics for men's skin care. The range of OHTOP skin care products combines Korean technological avant-garde and sophisticated French elegance. The founder, Romeo Oh, is a young fashion designer originally from Seoul but living in Paris. Here he has been able to absorb and make the typically Parisian charm and taste his own to blend them harmoniously with Korean technological research and minimalist sensitivity. OHTOP does not promise miraculous solutions, a humanly unattainable perfection or a new, unlikely, youth. Her goal is to make men's cosmetics for everyday use, but of the latest generation, a delicate, deep and fragrant way to take care of yourself.


    Nicknamed the 'Queen of the prints', the Irish fashion designer Orla Kiely is able to communicate through its graphic passion and dedication to the design and the world of color. His most famous geometric pattern, the leaf and the stem in 70's style, we can find it reproduced on wallpaper, fabrics, furniture furniture, clothing and accessories, such as handbags and wallets that besides the refined design and elegant are well know for their functionality and high quality materials.


    Here you can find some unique items from the past seasons at a very special price. We created this Outlet section because these products cannot be restocked anymore.

    For every discounted offer instead visit here our fashion offers selection where there are all our on sale products.


    Oxydo, a brand of Safilo Group, is a line of eyewear with sophisticated taste and unconventional, aimed at a young, creative audience. Each creation is characterized by a minimalist design and a special attention to the quality of materials used, as is tradition in Safilo. Oxydo boasts two important partnerships: Felix Bauer with illustrator and visual artist Sigrid Calon, thereby giving life to the real works of art.


    Parajumpers was born from a meeting of Massimo Rossetti with a boy of the 210th Rescue Squadron in Anchorage, the jacket of this PJS was inspiration for a collection of 'masterpieces' such as Gobi, Kodiak, Long Bear, Portland, Anchorage... In each season PJS evolves materials and models in its collection but the real mission is to create comfortable and functional clothing thanks by the union of Massimo Rossetti’s creative power and Ape & Partners (Segusino - Treviso) productive experience.


    Founded in 1998 by the Japanese designer Yukari Suda, pas de calais is inspired by the purity and simplicity of nature, where to return to rediscover our deepest roots, our essence. The contemporary casual style with a slightly vintage, romantic-decadent, touch gives comfortable shapes to natural fabrics such as wool (Australian Merino, Shetland), cotton, silk, Indian khadi, linen but also to original pas de calais fabrics, like pre-organic cotton mixed with majota. The dyes of the fibers are always natural and hypoallergenic, like the indigo vegetable dye, the bengara and the sulphurous dyes fruit of natural oxidation processes. Consistent with the spirit of the brand, pas de palais collections prefer the shades of nature: ecru, sand, khaki, green, chalk white, taupe, coal black. This authentic link between nature and matter allows you to express your personality and style beyond any latitude, season or fashion trend.


    It is through his creations that the Paul Easterlin's designer expresses himself and communicates his strong character. For more than 20 years in the world of design and fashion, he has recently given birth to its own line of eyewear, handcrafted made in Italy with a strong visual impact: such as Woody, with the rounded lines, or Newman with traits more determined. Materials scratched and treated that evoke the biker world, frames in Indian horn or creations born from the combination between wood and amber to create a real sculptures.


    The Japanese designer Sotaro Ogino launches his brand of handmade shoes for men and women in the Fall Winter 2012-2013 season. It's called Petrosolaum, a perfect combination of functionality and design. The traditional processing processes typical of high crafts are associated with a strong innovative creativity but also with the utmost respect for animals, the source of the raw materials of the Petrosolaum shoes. Ostrich, cordovan, calf, nubuck leather... these fine leathers are hand sewn and work, for example, with the McKay technique: the shoes are taken from a single piece of leather. All Petrosolaum shoes are 100% handmade in Japan and distributed in the best boutiques in the world.

    Petrosolaum shoes


    Founded in the spring of 1982, the brand Plantation, belonging to the fashion japanese group A-net, expresses a precise philosophy: "Clothes are tools for our day-to-day lives". Starting with the use of raw materials and natural fabrics, Plantation suits combine functionality with beauty, comfort and design. The result is high quality clothing items, made to be worn in pur everyday life and therefore they are timeless.

  • POST&CO.

    Family business founded in 1972 by Giovanni Forzieri to produce leather accessories for third parties, respecting the artisan tradition of Tuscan leather goods. The experience and quality standards achieved lead the Forzieri family to create their own brand, Post&Co., Specialized in the production of handmade belts. Unmistakable feature of Post&Co. belts. is the raw material: full-grain cowhide, exotic leathers such as crocodile and python leathers, all naturally washed to obtain a refined vintage effect. Each collection is inspired by the beauty of the Florentine landscape and architecture, demonstrating all the love of Post & Co. not only for the 100% Made in Florence Tuscan craftsmanship but also for the precious and inimitable context in which it is rooted. The detailed finishes with studs, buckles, laser engravings together with the variety of natural dyes proposed make each Post&Co. accessory. definitely unique and, not surprisingly, appreciated all over the world.

  • PTAH

    Yamatou Co. Ltd. was founded in 1899 as old manufacturer of leather goods. Now that 117 years passed since foundation, the brand is taking care of the basic concept “good function and slim body”. To supply you with tasty product, Ptah is using the selected solid leather to do delicate skiving job. The technology and heart of its craftsmanship have been passing down from generation to generation. Ptah wishes its challenging spirit by “Buffing” will reach your heart.

  • PUMA

    Puma, the famous German brand of clothing and sports shoes, has numerous collaborations in the world of fashion and design: an example is the capsule collection created along with House of Hackney, London-based brand of clothing and interior decoration famous for its graphics, presented in printed shoes and t-shirts; Also, we remember the collaborations with the New York designer: Sophia Chang and the Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro..


    Red Foal shoes were born from the passion of four friends for horses and literature. The logo is the silhouette of a running foal. But why is it red? The foal is a young horse, under the age of 4, who lives freely in the Andalusian countryside in Spain. If you see it running on the horizon as the sun sets, it really looks like a red horse, sunset colored. So, after a trip to Andalusia, the four horse-loving friends decided to name their brand "Red Foal". The idea is to offer a comfortable, light, design shoe that recalls the classic riding boot and the world of horse riding. For example, the sinuous shapes of the suede pad around the ankle refer to the soft lines of a saddle but also to the shin guards for horses. The sole has a double non-slip groove to release it more easily from the spur. The Red Foal sneakers not only aesthetically recall a riding shoe but also reproduce its functionality and are designed and handcrafted in Italy.

  • RITO

    The Ms. Miyako Shimakawa's collection takes special care in creating textiles; from spinning yarn to a realistic proportion and a constructed silhouette. Her clothes combine masculinity and femininity for an accentuates allurement of the garments from the shape with careful attachments of the fresh approaches.


    Roarguns is a Japanese brand born in 2002. Its designers combine casual and American rock style with the "love and peace" spirit, transforming the original sketches into pieces of strong identity by merging a conventional and avant-garde style. An unpredictable and evolving brand.


    Rude Riders is an Italian clothing line created by and for motorcycle lovers. From the typical American vintage flavor and the European taste, comes a wide range of t-shirts, sweatshirts and scarves created entirely by hand. A distinctive feature of their lines is the patchwork technique, which involves the application of recycled fabric scraps tissues, such as scarves or bandannas, giving the creations an individual character and appealing.


    "Sensitive and discreet": this is the meaning of Sage de Cret, Japanese Man brand, which was founded in early 2000 but which makes its debut on the world scene only 13 years later. It is precisely the feeling of order and precision that emerges in every collection: clothes with clean lines, essential and extremely cured, the result of a strong craft and design heritage.


    After its debut in Paris in 2004, the Italian fashion designer Sara Lanzi will begin a steady rise in the international fashion scene. Her collections are a fascinating balance between rigor and imperfection, from which shines always a delicate romanticism reminiscent of the past but that manages to adapt to the stylistic demands of the modern woman. His studies in the fine arts have greatly influenced his creations , so she creates simple garments , but innovative in the real forms and structures , both in texture and construction. To Sara Lanzi the fashion is an applied art form , then the mirror of contemporary reality .


    SELECTED FEMME is the female version of the Danish brand SELECTED, which stands out for its clothing made with style and tailoring but at competitive prices. SELECTED FEMME expresses a casual and urban design with touches of romanticism, designed for contemporary women, practical and sophisticated at the same time. There is no SELECTED FEMME collection that does not find a place in every woman's wardrobe: in fact, the details of each garment will make the difference, integrating with the individual style of the wearer. The objective of SELECTED FEMME and, more generally, of the SELECTED brand is: to combine quality (rather than quantity) with sustainability, creating collections with an increasingly lower environmental impact.


    Selected Homme is a menswear brand founded in 1997 by the great Danish fashion group Besteseller. It is proposed as a strong and authentic brand with a high quality casual-minimalist taste. The contemporary style is enriched by details with an international flavor. Selected Homme is the materialization of good taste in the world of men's clothing, a unique interpretation of contemporary man sure of his style and what he wants: for example combining items from his own Selected Homme wardrobe with those of the new season to create coherent yet dynamic and trendy looks.


    Shoto shoes are made by the Italian footwear company of the same name, founded and established in the Marche (Montegranaro), Italian region in first place in the footwear industry. Each product is realized thanks to the expert hands of master craftsmen, thus taking care of every detail, and paying particular attention to the use of quality materials and refinement as the horse and the kangaroo. The skin is washed and treated with natural oils and creams, lends any creating an original and exclusive appearance.


    Simone Andreoli, young italian nose, create not a simple line of perfumes, but rather a journey through memories and views of distant lands: Diary Olfactory gives the name to a real sensory experience. Since research is the fundamental principle of the project, nothing follows conventions or imposed standards and olfactory combinations are unusual and unique. Between the six outstanding creations we have Silenzio , perfume extract of oriental vanilla, which its creator describes it as a "hymn to love". The woody Camouflage that evokes memories of the warmth of the Arab countries and Moorea, latest creation, with the freshness of the Tiarè and ylang ylang brings us to the paradisiacal landscapes of French Polynesia.

  • SLOW

    The Japanese brand Slow Japan already expresses in its name the essence of craftsmanship: slowness. The gradual and constant gestures of a hand-made work are necessary to achieve, step by step, the highest quality standards. Thanks to the manual processing of Japanese craftsmen, Slow bags, wallets and accessories improve over time, adapting perfectly to any lifestyle. Slow's motto is: Create what we want to have.


    SO.YA eyewear collection, entirely made in Italy, is the result of creativity, beauty and intuition, which are the key values of the brand philosophy. The design is realized by Matteo Pontello an italian young designer that want to break the rules with this independent project.


    Sperry is the brand of those who love the sea, the outdoor and adventure. Today the traditional boat shoe becomes a completing part of a collection of footwear for all occasions and for all tastes, modern, colorful, classic and high quality


    Japanese clothing brand founded in the city of Arimatsu by the Murase family that for over 100 years has perfected the traditional Shibori technique for fabric processing. The garments are handmade with precious wools such as cashmere and mohair wool, colored with natural dyes and delicate patterns. The fabric is tied, sewn and then colored, creating nuances, contrasts but also three-dimensional thicknesses. In order to safeguard this ancient handicraft that is gradually disappearing, Suzusan wanted to give its clothing a contemporary touch thanks to the introduction of innovative procedures and modern creations.


    The Tardini company was founded in Modena in 1958, establishing itself over the years in the world of luxury leather goods worldwide . Bags and accessories are made of alligator leather exported from the United States and South America: in addition to the very high value of the material, the alligator skin is very difficult to treat and requires special skill, talent that the Italian craft tradition can boast.


    Trippen is an innovative footwear company based in Germany, Berlin. It has been using an environmental friendliness and social responsibility concept since its beginnings in the 1990s The shoes are unique in design, pattern technique and materials, ensuring long lastingness and comfort.

  • TUMI

    Founded in 1975, US brand Tumi produces suitcases, trolleys, bags, backpacks, accessories for business and pleasure trips. Each product is meticulously designed to improve and facilitate the lives of people on the move. Tumi products are in fact functionally ingenious and perfect, so much so that they become indispensable in any type of journey. Each Tumi creation is subjected to various tests of efficiency, strength and quality until the desired final product is obtained, which is the best. Tumi brand is sold in more than 250 stores and in over 75 countries worldwide.


    Umprecious is a young Italian-French brand specialized in creating "lifestyle sneaker". Each Umprecious shoe model is designed in Paris and made in Italy, not far from Venice. The idea is to produce cutting-edge sneakers on a technical and aesthetic level but worked according to traditional methods. The first Umprecious shoe model is called No Limit: a perfect combination of trekking shoe and running shoe, available in three colors.

    Umprecious is a careful and conscious brand towards the environment: for the No Limit collection it has used sustainable leather and Nubuck, while the sole carries the Vibram brand. This first line of sneakers is on sale at selected distributors: Nubian in Tokyo (Japan), Cube in Okinawa (Japan) and Lazzari Store in Treviso (Italy).


    The history and foundation of Vibram are rooted in the early ‘30s. Over the years Vibram has  improved its technique and processing, on items ranging from casual soles to more technical ones and focusing on precise planning and careful study of the materials employed. Early in 2000 Vibram made an important step forward with the creation of Vibram FiveFingers. Defined by Time as one of the best inventions, Vibram FiveFingers  interprets the concept of ‘glove for the foot’, a sort of second skin that has completely revolutionized the concept of ‘walking barefoot’. Furthermore, FiveFingers  has been the forerunner of a number of relevant avant-garde models and stylistic variations for different personalities, comfort targets and technologies in footwear.


    Vlas Blomme in Flemish-Belgian language means flax flower. Founded by Japanese designer Yoriko Sakurama in Tokyo, the brand offers men's and women's dresses in fine Flemish linen from Kortrijk, a famous city in West Flanders known as one of the world's flax capitals. The ancient tradition of flax cultivation and weaving in Belgium dates back to 600 BC: Vlas Blomme treats flax fibers using a traditional method that requires 4 hours to weave a meter of high quality fabric. Linen is a precious primary material also due to its organic properties: anti-humidity fiber, able to maintain the temperature of the garment in contact with fresh and dry skin in summer, warm in winter. Vlas Blomme enhances all the naturalness of the queen raw material of its collections in soft, relaxed and relaxing garments. The Vlas Blomme style is classic, casual, elegantly natural and comfortable, inspired by Yoriko Sakurama's love for nature, gardening and antiques.


    Whiteboards proposes a new vision of streetwear clothing: everything that is anti-conformist, adolescent, contradictory, romantically urban is reinterpreted in a contemporary artistic key, as if each garment were a work of art, a sort of installation to be worn. All this translates into the choice of apparently incompatible materials, such as plush cotton and bubble wrap, but which in fact embody the very spirit of the brand and of the wearer. A deep search within oneself until reaching an unpredictable yet authentic representation of one's humanity, with its excesses, its impulses, its vestigial need of protection, dedicated to who dares to explore the true boundaries of existence.


    London designer Yasmin Naqvi is loved around the world for her collections of knitwear and luxury clothing. She was fashion designer for Armani, Cerruti, Marithè, Francios Girbaud Benetton, and Director of the knit design and research department for Shima Seiki, the most important Japanese weaving machine company. To celebrate her 25th anniversary as a designer she created the Crossing Over collection: timeless and borderless clothing items, crafted by craftsmen but with innovative technologies and fine yarns. Dresses and accessories with essential lines, simply refined, inspired by the world of dance, movement and feminine harmony.


    The Japanese designer Yoshio Kubo loves to design clothes that make you think about the meaning of the details and the choices in dressing. In 2000 he graduated from the School of Textile & Science of the University of Philadelphia. For four years he worked as an assistant to the fashion designer Robert Danes of New York. In 2004 he returned to Japan to found his own brand of the same name. In 2017, thanks to the collaboration with Giorgio Armani and the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Yoshio Kubo debuted in Italy on the Milanese catwalks. Also in 2017 he collaborated with PUMA to launch the “yoshiokubo by PUMA” capsule: jackets, shorts, t-shirts, trousers in technical fabric and suede in black, white and olive green. Yoshio Kubo is known and appreciated worldwide for his complicated, surprising and colorful creations. The sartorial skill of the designer, the combined use of different fabrics such as cotton, polyester and nylon, give life to original and urban style clothing and footwear with international, multicultural inspiration.


    Iceland and its landscapes: this is what inspired the Japanese designer Yuima Nakazato for his last collection UNKNOWN, which represents the natural wonders through the play of light reminiscent of the northern lights and the glow of the northern icebergs. One of the first young Japanese to graduate all'Antwerp, renowned Belgian academy of fine arts, Nakazato goes on his ascent in the fashion scene by winning awards in one of the largest fashion competitions in the world, the International Talent Support.


    Founded in 1988 and part of A-Net, a large Japanese group of fashion designers including Tsumori Chisato, the Zucca brand combines artistic expression and optimal functionality. The beauty arising from the creative process of its designers manifests itself in extremely simple clothes that revisit a casual style attentive to the contemporary. A sense of peace, calm and happiness surrounds those who wear Zucca clothes, gifts of freshness and originality to everyday life.