CORNELIAN TAURUS (JP) at Lazzari Store

The brand Cornelian Taurus by Daisuke Iwanaga was founded in 2007 in Japan. The production focuses on bags and accessories that can be considered pieces of design. The skins are among the most valuable of the territory and are mixed with bronze details through more sophisticated Japanese techniques. Of particular importance for Corelian Taurus, it is to be able to preserve the culture and the typical traditions of their land. The flavor of craftsmanship and creativity are present in every object in the collection, that can only fascinate!

Cornelian Taurus by Daisuke Iwanaga

Daisuke Iwanaga was born in Kobe in 1977. He has always worked in the bag and clothing production sector. In 2007 he founded Cultivate Industry and the first collection of the Cornelian Taurus brand is from autumn/winter 2007. His mission is to express Japanese identity in a bag. Traditional Japanese methods and techniques are used in the production process. All bags are handmade by specialized craftsmen. The raw material, fine leather, is considered as something alive. Bronze details derive from the naval industry. The Cornelian Taurus bags are elegant, fun, functional, durable.

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