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Dolomite is a historic mountain footwear and outdoor clothing company. In 1897 a very young Giuseppe Garbuio opened an artisan clog shop, the "Fabbrica Scarpe Montello", in the heart of Colle del Montello in the province of Treviso. In the 1920s he specialized in the manufacturing of mountain shoes while in the 1930s he developed the first models of mountaineering and ski footwear. It was precisely in these years that the small artisan workshop transformed into Calzaturificio Dolomite. Thus he began to supply various competitive teams of skiers with technical boots. From the early 1950s to the end of the 1970s it came to equip heroic international expeditions of mountaineers to conquer the highest peaks in the world. One above all: the first Italian climb of K2 in 1954. Such feats only increase the brand's notoriety throughout the world, appreciated for quality, comfort, performance and design. In the Seventies, Dolomite began to diversify its production, manufacturing ski boots and sports and outdoor clothing. What has always inspired the brand, and not just in the name, has been the Dolomite mountain range and nature. This is why Dolomite has developed a social responsibility program called "Re-Source": it aims to improve its environmental impact in production processes, favoring high quality recycled materials, using renewable energy sources and simplifying distribution channels. This indissoluble bond with the environment emerges in the manufacturing of individual collections or products too.
For example the Saxifraga capsule, created in collaboration with the design studios Rayon Vert® and Studio Temp. “Sassifraga” or “Saxifraga” (from Latin) is in fact the name of a plant that courageously grows among the mountain rocks. Symbol of the resilient force of nature, it inspired Dolomite in the creation of a mini collection of clothes and footwear made to love outdoor life and creation, from dawn to dusk.

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