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    Order sent via e-mail.

    The purchased product or service is stated in an e-mail or private messages conversation between us and the customer that would be you.
    Add this to your cart to proceed to make the payment of the agreed amount in a fast and easy way as a regular product.
    After the purchase, your e-mail address will be used as an identification to associate it with the conversation where the product/service is requested.

    If agreed price is different there are two possible reasons: 
    - Some time has passed and we set the price on this page for another customer already. Please contact us again by e-mail if that's the case.
    - You are seeing VAT included prices, if you live outside of the European Union you should login on the website or write your delivery address during the checkout to see VAT excluded prices. For all products (except books and magazines) the formula is VAT excluded price = VAT included price / 1.22 click here to read more details about VAT exclusion for orders outside of the European Union and potential import duties.

    Otherwise you can also send us any amount you want even faster using this PayPal link to pay with your PayPal account:


    Please remember to input on the PayPal website your phone number and address information as we are not allowed to ship to a different location than the one stated on the PayPal document and the courier may request a phone number for the delivery.
    Don't forget to write us what you want to buy with an e-mail at store@lazzariweb.it together with other useful information, as for example an invoice request with the necessary data.
    If you don't live in the European Union you'll receive the invoice by default, contact us if you wish a different invoice address than the delivery address.

    Mug is a free magazine edited in Italy about fashion, design, art and trends. It's published in English and Japanese. You can find it also at www.mugmagazine.com

    In the European Union:
    Prices include VAT.
    Your order will be dispatched within two working days with express courier. You will receive a confirmation email and your order will be updated with details for tracking the shipment. The shipping costs in Europe are 10€ for order inferior to 100€, 6.50€ for order between 100€ and 200€ and free for orders over 200€.

    Outside the European Union:
    Register to our website specifying the country of delivery, the system will automatically show prices without VAT, the shipping costs will be calculated at checkout by the courier. Your order will be dispatched within two working days to the courier. You will receive a confirmation email and your order will be updated with details for tracking the shipment.

    Have a look at our SHIPMENT COSTS and REFUND POLICY pages in the useful links below for more detailed information.
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