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The Ematyte emerging brand was born from the merger between the Tuscan artisan tradition and experimental aesthetics, mixing the old with the new, the past with the future. Each of his shoe is made by hand and takes shape from a single piece of high-quality reverse horse's skin, after being softened and dyed with completely natural products. The design of his creations stands out thanks to outstanding details, like the unusual side lacing, which closes the shoe in an incredibly creative.

Ematyte Shoes

Ematyte Italian handmade shoes are made with a single piece of horse leather. Which requires the use of the best part of the breech, without signs, defects, discolorations. The essential design, however, expresses a strong personality thanks to the very rounded tip and up to all the models. The eyelets of the laces placed laterally on the upper make the strings pass around the shoe, under the sole but without ever touching the ground. Ematyte shoes in horse leather are particularly resistant and are enough to change the face of any look.

Ematyte Shoes Online

On our online shop discover the latest models of Ematyte handmade Italian men's shoes, both the low models in derby shoe style and the boots.

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