Golden Goose Deluxe Brand comes from the passion of Francesca and Alessandro Gallo for fashion and art. Sneakers, clothing and accessories, reinterpretations of Italian style with a tendency to experimentation. The attention to detail and the combinations with different facets of the brand's icons - the star and stylized flag - create a modern and sophisticated lifestyle. Strong attachment with Venice, hometown, today more and more city of great inspiration.

Golden Goose Super Star among the sneakers

Side star, used effect, low or high that Golden Goose sneakers are now unmistakable. Moreover, if fashions pass and styles change, Golden Goose shoes are always in step with the times thanks to the strength of their authenticity. Indeed, Golden Goose sneakers anticipate the times, as they did at least a decade ago, evolving the concept of sneaker in urban, contemporary and high quality sneakers.

Golden Goose handmade sneakers

Golden Goose sneakers are handmade shoes with a used effect on the upper, laces and sole, the result of painstaking craftsmanship. Suffice it to say that to make a pair of Golden Goose sneakers by hand, it takes 8 hours against the 2/3 hours of any sneaker. The high Venetian craftsmanship signed Golden Goose is declined in every single sneaker model: in the Golden Goose Super Star, the most famous because it is the historical model of the brand, which produces 400 variations every year; in the Golden Goose Ball Star, more aerodynamic than the Super Stars and with the characteristic "Snea-Kers" writing on the heels; in the Golden Goose Haus, with the comet star logo; and then again in the Golden Goose Running, in the Golden Goose Mid Star, in the Golden Goose Starter and so on.

Golden Goose clothing

Without forgetting that Golden Goose is not only sneakers but also total look for her and for him: Golden Goose shirts, Golden Goose leather jackets, Golden Goose bomber jackets, Golden Goose bags, Golden Goose trousers... The Golden Goose clothing tradition and its upper casual style is ideal for those who love an informal look of luxury quality.

Golden Goose acquisition

In 2017, The Carlyle Group acquired Golden Goose Deluxe Brand.

Carlyle Group Golden Goose

Marco De Benedetti, Managing Director and Co-Head Carlyle Europe Partners, stated about the acquisition of Golden Goose: “We admire the uniqueness of Golden Goose style and brand identity, the effective business model, in addition to the unquestionable ability to create and continue to innovate the category of "luxury fashion sneakers". We intend to support Golden Goose Deluxe Brand with our strategic knowledge of the sector and with investments aimed at supporting the brand's development potential, particularly in the United States and in Asia, focusing above all on an acceleration of the worldwide and online retail presence".

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