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Guidi, with the foundation of the historic tannery Guidi Rossellini at the end of 800, it will become one of the most renowned manufacturers of leather internationally under the leading figure of Ruggero Guidi. Each shoe and accessory is entirely handmade in Italy, using refined skins such as the horse and the kangaroo, without neglecting the uniqueness of a timeless design. Detachment from the standard shoes production and the sophisticated natural dyeing techniques, will do Guidi one of the most admired by the world's great designers manufacturers.

Guidi shoes in horse leather

Guidi 1896 crafted shoes in horse leather are the excellent result of the high quality of the raw materials processed according to the best artisan techniques available. However, they are not luxury or elegant shoes to wear at a wedding or in your office. Nor are they rustic shoes, to be combined with country or vintage looks. Guidi style is decided by the customer, wearing these shoes as he or she likes, responding to his/her own personality rather than fashion trends. Guidi dyeing techniques improves over the years and now shoes, bags, wallets, belts, backpacks and even jewels made in leather by Guidi are in a huge variety of colors as burgundy red, black, ice white, purple and green.

Guidi 310: soft horse leather boots

Guidi 310 boots cover the ankles of who wear them but not the knees. These boots have a front zip, leather sole and soft full grain horse-skin upper. 310 is the best known Guidi footwear item and it is both for men and women.

Guidi men's shoes 992

992 shoes are among the most iconic shoes of the brand and customer-loved Guidi shoes. In black leather first flower horse leather, they have a classic line with laces and a leather sole.

Guidi 210: boot in goat leather

Another model particularly appreciated is that of Guidi 210 high ankle boots, in soft goatskin with a front zip closure. This model is shorter than the very similar and popular 310. Leather sole.

Guidi PL1, in smooth or inverted horse leather

PL1 women's and men's boots have been made in two versions: in smooth horse leather available in red and white for women and black for men; or in calf leather lined in black and red. Heel and sole are in leather. Front zip closure.

Guidi 788Z: boots with Vibram sole

Guidi 788Z boots are in horse leather and with a rear zip closure. They are supplied with a pair of Vibram soles, the Italian company world leader in the production of high performance soles. 788Z is a fantastic women's footwear leather item. We present them for women in both blackred and white in the 788ZI model with metal heel

Guidi 986: boot in leather and lined linen too

986 boots by Guidi are available both in the horse leather version and in the version with a linen upper lined with horse leather. Back zip closure and leather sole.

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