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HOMECORE (FR) at Lazzari Store

Born in 1992 in Paris, thanks to its slogan "Peace, Love, Unity and Fun", openly inspired by the Hip Hop culture. But Homecore does not intend at all to adapt to the stereotypes of the musical genre and the culture that derives from it. His challenge is to propose an evolution through a timeless style of clothing. For example, the bourgeois men's blazer borrows the plush fabrics of children's clothing: this garment marks the new direction taken by Homecore in building its own brand identity and style. The birth and spread of Gumjo in the early 2000s is a powerful source of inspiration for Homecore. In fact some details of the garments underline certain points of the figure, those that identify the inner structure and the energy centers of the human body: for example the red seams along the spine, the leather cords around the waist of the trousers, etc. Homecore men's suits are designed to feel comfortable, free and themselves: in life, every day.

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