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Following in the footsteps of the family business Maison Lener Cordier, founded in 1954 by Marguerite Cordier in northern France, his nephew Frédéric Lener inaugurated the Maison Lener brand in 2009. Synonymous with high-class coats and trench coats, Maison Lener reinvents the classicism of style by revisiting it one season after another. Noble materials such as alpaca and virgin wool are cut and sewn with love in structured, linear or decomposed shapes. The innovative spirit of the brand designs models with soft or bold colors, mixing them in comfortable and high fashion garments. Coats wisely packaged thanks to a know-how handed down and renewed for three generations. The strong identity of Maison Lener coats meets the taste of all those women who choose them to express their personality, who love a job well done, natural yet chic looks, free and timeless elegance.

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