Meo Fusciuni perfume brand was born from the definition of artistic perfumes as olfactory memory. Meo Fusciuni blends fragrances that recall lived moments of life, in a unique and exciting collection, the olfactory vision of a modern and nomad artist. Today Meo Fusciuni is an Italian indipendent brand, where planning reaches the boundaries in the research of olfactory memory. Yesterday was a nomad travelling, today is poetry, tomorrow will be mysticism.

Meo Fusciuni biography

Meo Fusciuni founded Meo Fusciuni parfums in 2010, dedicating himself with passion and devotion to his work, the art of creating perfumes. In 2012 he met his partner Federica with whom he shares and makes this project grow. At the base of Meo Fusciuni parfums there is a continuous olfactory research but also the vision of a perfumery that is deeply emotional and narrative. Meo Fusciuni's perfumes are emotions, stories, moods, travels, thoughts. In other words: they are unique.

Meo Fusciuni Shop Online

Meo Fusciuni parfums can be found in our online shop at we have chosen for you Meo Fusciuni Little Song, Luce, Spirito, Narcotico, Notturno, Ciavuru d'Amuru, Oblio, Odor 93, Note di viaggio 1, 2 and 3 .

Meo Fusciuni Varanasi

Meo Fusciuni Varanasi tells the emotions experienced by Fusciuni together with his partner Federica during their trip to India. In this fragrance we perceive Indian spirituality and sense of rituality, the sacredness of places and souls. A perfume rich in nuances, an “olfactory mandala” as Fusciuni writes on his brand's website. A perfume capable of instilling serenity.

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