QBISM (FR) at Lazzari Store

Founded in Paris in 2013 by designer Quentin Nghiem, QBISM offers casual, unisex but above all sustainable fashion. The geometric features and fragmented lines of Cubism, an avant-garde artistic movement of the early 1900s, in which objects and figures were represented from different points of view, then broken down and recomposed into pictorial transfigurations by the three-dimensional effect.

In QBISM garments, geometries and lines are given by scraps or scraps of different fabrics sewn together, creating something unique and handcrafted each time. QBISM's iconic garment is the sweatshirt, with an often bold and unpredictable color block design. Pieces of recycled denim are combined with pieces of cotton but also with leather and nylon, always recycled, recovered from the warehouses of companies in the sector.

Each dress is produced in one size only, the M for men (which becomes an oversized S for women). At the customer's request, QBISM reproduces the same model in the desired size. Quentin Ngheim, former collaborator of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Maison Margiela and MUJI U.S.A. Limited, has chosen to renew the world of fashion in a sustainable way. Recycling, reusing and reducing waste are the future of fashion, reinvented garment by garment, fabric by fabric, color by color.

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