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The history and foundation of Vibram are rooted in the early ‘30s. Over the years Vibram has  improved its technique and processing, on items ranging from casual soles to more technical ones and focusing on precise planning and careful study of the materials employed. Early in 2000 Vibram made an important step forward with the creation of Vibram FiveFingers. Defined by Time as one of the best inventions, Vibram FiveFingers  interprets the concept of ‘glove for the foot’, a sort of second skin that has completely revolutionized the concept of ‘walking barefoot’. Furthermore, FiveFingers  has been the forerunner of a number of relevant avant-garde models and stylistic variations for different personalities, comfort targets and technologies in footwear such as Furoshili styles.

Vibram Furoshiki

In Japanese the word "Furoshiki" is translated with the ancient tradition of wrapping objects with precious cloths and fabrics. These shoes adapt to the foot and not vice versa. The light low density sole is one with the upper which then comfortably wraps the foot. Who is Vibram Furoshiki recommended for? To those who travel, to sportsmen who practice activities in which particular balance is required, to those who perform exercises for muscle recovery, to those who love a casual but original look.

Vibram Fivefingers

Essential shoes: the non-cushioned sole is thin, very low and flexible, it joins uniformly to the upper. The separate toes of the shoe give the feeling of walking barefoot (barefoot feeling). Who are the Vibram Five Fingers intended for? For those who practice running, fitness, outdoor sports, water sports, but also indoor sports such as yoga and pilates. They are perfect for leisure time too.

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Vibram shoes can be found at the Lazzari Store online shop in different models and colors: Vibram Furoshiki 2018, Vibram Fivefingers Classic, Vibram Furoshiki boots.

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