VICTORY GATE (IT) at Lazzari Store

Victory Gate is a young Italian brand with a rock soul. It mainly creates denim trousers for him and her but also shirts, t-shirts, blazers, leather jackets and accessories in perfect rock&roll style. The denim trousers, the symbolic garment of Victory Gate, are in fact an iconic product of American culture and rock music but also of Italian artisan manufacturing. Victory Gate thus wanted to combine overseas languages ​​and inspirations with the Made in Italy sartorial tradition.

Victory Gate materializes the spirit of rock & roll in all its authenticity. It is a free, bold, enterprising spirit. Embrace the pride of being yourself without ever forgetting your origins. It dresses those who break patterns and rules, those who are non-conformist and transgressive, those who want to be true at any cost. Victory Gate's rock & roll style enhances the uniqueness of each one, our being simply unrepeatable, whoever we are and wherever we are.

A curiosity: the Victory Gate logo creatively represents the facets of a diamond and at the same time the architecture of the Milan Cathedral. In addition to embodying the fashion capital of Italy, Milan is in fact the birthplace of Victory Gate. And again: translated from English to Italian “Victory Gate” stands for “Porta Vittoria”, one of the 11 ancient entrance gates to the city of Milan.

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