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Acqua delle Langhe is a collection of artistic fragrances in which precious raw materials are mixed with artisanal methods. Slow, patient and meticulous gestures are needed to create Acqua delle Langhe unisex perfumes and home fragrances. The common denominator of all the fragrances created by Alberto Avetta is the strong link with the territory of origin: the Piedmontese Langhe. Acqua delle Langhe are author's aromas that flow from memories, from emotions, from love for Avetta's native lands. Each fragrance is therefore born in La Morra, in the province of Alba, before being produced in a small workshop near Milan. Cannubi, devised by Avetta one summer, walking among the Langhe vines, is citrus and earthy, with notes of cardamom, grapes and wild rose. Neirane has instead blossomed in the woods: bark, moss, iris, geranium, lavender and citrus are its olfactory colors. Cerequio recalls the Orient with its bouquet of enveloping spices, sweetened by citrus and almond notes. Sarmassa is the sweetest of the Acqua delle Langhe collection, with a heart melted in honey, amber and spicy vanilla. The Acqua delle Langhe fragrances are literally wonderful essences, which awaken memories, nourish suggestions, arouse different feelings in each of us, enriching us in body and spirit.

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Acqua delle Langhe perfumes are available in our online shop in the fragrances Sarmassa, Cerequio, Neirane, Cannubi 100 ml. The perfumes for the Acqua delle Langhe environment we offer Boscareto, Terre Lontane, Uve Nobili, Tralci in sizes 200 ml and 500 ml. The Water Candles of the Langhe, made in elegant glass cups, are available in Boscareto, Terre Lontane, Uve Nobili and Tralci essences.

Piemontese perfumes 

Acqua delle Langhe perfumes are 100% Piedmontese fragrances: a tribute to the land of the Langhe, a refined and fascinating rediscovery of the scents of Roero, Monferrato and their Nature. From vineyards to truffles, from chocolate to hazelnuts, from timber to spices to honey... These are natural aromas and sensory scents, the fruit of childhood memories of their perfumer author Alberto Avetta. 

Alberto Avetta perfumes 

From commercial director of a clothing company to perfumer. This, in short, was Alberto Avetta's professional breakthrough that in 2011 had to reinvent himself. And the rebirth began with an ancient but always passionate passion for perfumes. From the first 3 samples 8 fragrances were born, then a craft workshop and a registered trademark: Acqua delle Langhe. A dream come true and that smells of life and the future.

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