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The Scottish brand Ballantyne has been linked to the world of precious yarns since the 19th century, when Henry Ballantyine became a successful merchant in the sale of tweed and tartan knitwork, also increasingly appreciated by the nobility.
D. Ballantyne Brothers & Co. Ltd was officially born in 1920, when Ballantyne's sons joined forces to expand their father's business. Objective: to produce fine knitwear in pure Scottish cashmere, with sophisticated inlays, workmanship on a worldwide scale.
Today the historic Scottish company is led by Fabio Gatto, creative director with 30 years of experience at all levels in the fashion system. Today the present and the future of Ballantyne move along the path of research and innovation, thanks to a centuries-old history that has been able to establish its name as a synonym for an excellent raw material: the Scottish cashmere.


100 years after its birth, in 2021 Ballantyne celebrates this prestigious anniversary with the Raw Diamond capsule, 10 garments including cardigans and sweaters that express its essence and recount its origins. The very name of the capsule, "Raw Diamond", indicates that rough diamond which is the cashmere yarn, when used pure, but not only. "Diamond" recalls Ballantyne's iconic geometric symbol, the rhombus, which in this collection is deconstructed, redesigned and embroidered by hand on every single sweater. From raw yarn to traditional processing techniques, Raw Diamond offers garments with a profoundly primordial nature as well as the relationship that is created between the sweater and the wearer.
Using pure cashmere yarn means creating knitwear that preserves all its characteristics, including roughness (hence, once more, the sense of “Raw Diamond”), the very essence of natural cashmere. The use and washing of the garment will shape its characteristics and history: for example, washing with water instead of dry cleaning will make the raw yarn softer, evolving the original characteristics of the raw material. The color palette ranges from ivory white to gray to black, neutral shades that once again evoke Ballantyne's return to origins. Each piece of the capsule comes with a cotton pouch and a kit of cashmere care products, including a perfume with a natural fragrance.


A sweater can become a unique piece if woven and intertwined with research and classicism. This is the philosophy behind Ballantyne Lab, a research and experimentation laboratory for the historic Scottish cashmere brand Ballantyne. Objective: to create and expand horizons of knitwear, combining past and future. Starting from the revisitation and development of Ballantyne's historical archives, the experimental pieces of Ballantyne Lab are born, characterized by extreme wearability, unexpected combinations of styles, patterns, colors, new dyeing techniques and much more.

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