Monobi: metropolitan style high-tech clothing

Monobi: metropolitan style high-tech clothing

Monobi by Beste SpA: metropolitan clothing items with a performance character, designed to facilitate movement but also to lighten thoughts.

Born in 2013 as a new brand of the historic Prato textile company Beste SpA, supplier of the most important fashion brands, Monobi offers metropolitan clothing with a high-performance character. Its typical customer lives in the city, travels, moves from one place to another and is, of course, dealing with the stressful frenzy of the urban dimension. This is why Monobi garments are designed to facilitate movement but also to lighten the mind, facilitating a constant state of well-being from morning to evening. Strengths? Essential but functional design, technological innovation, quality of raw materials and workers, 100% sustainable and traceable production. These, in summary, are the distinctive features of the brand, the independent and special variables of its identity. It should be noted that the total traceability of the garments is given by the application of the NFC label placed on the outside of each garment (for example, on the edge of the Monobi Jersey Stich sweater, the Monobi French Terry pullover and the Monobi Wholegarment cotton and cashmere sweater).

Monobi: an Italian brand

This is a particular label with a microchip that offers the customer the possibility of accessing the so-called DDP: the Digital Product Passport, the digital passport of an item of clothing. Just scan it with a smartphone - by holding or holding the phone close to the label - and at that point an online link will open dedicated to the path taken by the product, from the raw material to its final creation. Furthermore, the DDP allows you to obtain information on the durability, repairability, recycling and reusability of the garment. Monobi garments are produced within a radius of just 20 kilometers from the company headquarters in the heart of the Prato textile district. A decidedly short production chain that gives life to all Monobi garments, without exception. Among the most complex, technologically demanding and low environmental impact are the sustainable Monobi Cotton Pop down jacket and the equally ecofriendly Monobi Eco Pop vest, both traceable via NFC label. One of the common denominators of the Monobi collections is the design of the garments: apparently simple and yet so rich in details that are often imperceptible at first sight.

Monobi Digital Product Passport

As in the case of the Monobi Eco Pop Outershirt: a padded shirt jacket, in certified recycled cashmere and polyester (Global Recycle Standard) and water-repellent, with three almost invisible front pockets but all equipped with an ultra-thin zipper. The challenge won by Monobi since its debut was to make the performance techniques of outdoor clothing its own, reinterpreting them in garments designed for everyday life. Like the Monobi Bio Gabardine Origin Chino trousers, with a casual and sporty style that can be used on multiple occasions, always in harmony with the physical movements of the wearer. What makes Monobi clothes truly perform are the technologies applied to produce them: laser, ultrasound, heat sealing, heat taping, 3D processing. The use of such tools takes an item of clothing to another level of sophistication. It's as if the future of fashion is already here and can be touched, or rather, worn. If the goal is to create rational, attractive and comfortable clothes for urban life the best way to do it is to use cutting-edge technologies. And Monobi chose this path.

Monobi clothing items with NFC label

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