Crêperie: ruffled dresses Made in Japan

Crêperie: ruffled dresses Made in Japan

Crêperie dresses seem to be molded on the body, furrowed by endless paths rippled in a sort of dense nautical cartography.

What does the word "crêperie" remind you of? A classic French crêperie, those small shops that make delicious sweet and savory crêpes to be enjoyed on the street, as a quick snack. Crêpe in French means "creased" and in fact it is the name that indicates a precision of some fabrics: the rippling of the weft, rough and grainy.

The Japanese clothing brand Crêperie has therefore ironically chosen this name because its clothes are all characterized by crêpe, that is a corrugated texture, wavy to the eye and to the touch. The fabric used to make Crêperie garments is the Cotton Surgeon, often in volume and resistant over time. To obtain the rippled effect, the yarn is twisted during processing. The result is a material aspect of the weave but also of the garment worn. In this way, the dress seems to shape on the body, with its surgically incised weave, furrowed by endless paths in a sort of dense nautical cartography. The ripples innervated in cotton naturally expand by wrapping the silhouette in a natural way and without an ounce of elastene.

Originally the fabric seems very common and flat and only after the first wash it shows the wrinkled effect.

The Crêperie garments rest on the surface of the skin without ever fully adhering to it, making the Crêperie clothes ideal for those traveling and for those who want to carry always perfect clothes in their suitcases, as if they were just worn. Crêperie crepe fabric is 100% absorbent cotton, wearable comfortably even during the hot season. Crêperie proposals, skirts, tank tops, single color sweaters in shades of white, blue, red ... The style is sober, timeless in its simplicity and wearable every day.

The selection of Crêperie clothing by Lazzari Store Treviso proposes the model dress TC87-FH505 in blue, white or red. Long arm below the knee, has a gathered shirt collar and a long row of front buttons to close the dress. The cuffs have an elastic band and are also resealable with buttons. The skirts model TC87-FG507 also are a white, blue or red shirt are long below the knee, with waist and band slightly curled at the bottom. Morbo to the bone, like all Crêperie garments express an idea of ​​essential but refined comfort.

The long-sleeved shirt model TC87-FN503 has a naturally adapted fit given by the particularity of the fabric. To be worn as under-jackets or spring sweaters over a skirt, jeans or trousers. Pretty model TC87-FE501 tank tops that further enhance the frizzy effect of Chirimen cotton. Perfect for summer, they are a light curl along the neck and on the lower edge.

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