The famous designer label Comme des Garcons create in 1994 CDG Parfums, a company dedicated to products for perfumery : unisex and innovative fragrances in contrast to the traditional ones, are presented in a totally unconventional way,as it is in the artistic nature of fashion designer Rei Kawacubo. The first creation will be Eau de Parfum CDG , a real " olfactory world " touching notes such as cedar , nutmeg and cinnamon. In 1998 will be born an original and extravagant project : Odeur 53 , the first of the " anti perfumes " , it was created thanks to a technology used to clone and recreate smells of inorganic materials that can be found every day in the air. There will then be several productions like the Incense series , Play, and also Blue Lux , boasting numerous collaborations in the world of fashion and design , to name a few : Monocle , Yoshi Yamamoto , Stephen Jones and Pharrell Williams

Comme des Garcons Shop Online

Discover the Comme des Garcons perfume collection for her and for him on our online shop. The fragrances of the famous perfume and clothing brand founded by Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo are very different from the commercial fragrances in circulation. These are both natural and synthetic fragrances, where chemistry has the purpose of reproducing odors of everyday life things, such as the smell of nail polish, or inorganic materials.

Comme des Garcons Perfumes Review

Comme des Garçons Parfums revolutionizes the concept of traditional perfume, also expressing a single ingredient (natural or synthetic) in an infinity of always surprising ways. The collections called "Series" often contain synthetic olfactory notes, the result of scientific-technological research, which reproduce material odors such as tar or paint, the smell of a dry cleaner, a garage, etc. Floriental, Vettiveru, Odeur 71, Black Pepper, Kyoto, Hinoki, Luxe Patchouli, ... are all unconventional perfumes even in the design of the bottles. Apparently carved in glass and rock in asymmetrical geometric shapes, the Comme des Garçsons perfume bottles are equally easy to hold and grasp with one hand. Comme des Garçons parfums are not male or female fragrances but hybrids, conceived to be simply appreciated for what they are and therefore shared.

Comme des Garcons Series 4 Cologne

Each "Series" of fragrances plays on a specific theme. The series of 4 colonies proposes four versions of cologne produced according to the ancient traditional recipe revisited in a contemporary key.

Comme des Garcons Series 3 Incense

Incense series 3 is a sensory journey in Japan, Morocco, Russia,… in search of moments of spirituality, meditation, contact with the inner world and reality.

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