DEEPTI (DE) at Lazzari Store

Deepti Barth, former collaborator of Carol Christian Poell, debuted in 2014 presenting her first collection of the same name. Her works are characterized by the use of unique materials, employed with experimental techniques. This is the peculiarity of the German designer, who differentiates her works from any other avant-garde designer.

Deepti Barth Clothing

Former Carol Christian Poell’s right hand woman and designer, Deepti Barth debuted in 2014 with her first clothing collection. She uses unique, unusual materials and combines them with experimental techniques and processes. Unlike many other designers, Deepti Barth creates a collection a year, diversifying materials and fabrics according to the season.

Deepti Barth Fashion

An eclectic artist and fashion designer, Deepti Barth reflects her artistic belief in the clothes she creates, making her art something wearable, a piece of clothing. What sets it apart as an artist and as a designer is a marked talent for research and choice of raw materials, both traditional and industrial, blending them into bold and unpredictable mixes.

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