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Innerraum is a project born in 2019 by the will of the founders of the designer eyewear brand Kuboraum, Livio Graziottin and Sergio Eusebi. In perfect balance between art and fashion, Innerraum offers creative accessories in which the concept of luxury is distorted in its most predictable and usual stylistic canons. The aesthetics of Innerraum bags and eyewear are even science fiction, futuristic, launched into a distant and unknown tomorrow, of which, however, we grasp traces of the past. From clutches to eyeglasses, Innerraum products are artistic objects, small sculptures to wear, rather than real accessories complementary to an outfit. The shell-shaped and 3D bags, made of plastic and technical fabric, seem to come from space; the glasses, in metal wire worked in refined but unusual frames, reveal profound, visionary, never banal personalities. Through this very special project Graziottin and Eusebi express a new language, a way of communicating the artistic side of fashion (and vice versa). An approach in which every single accessory becomes a polyphonic object, an element that increases reality and the real extension of the body in the context in which it moves, thinks and lives.

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