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Family business founded in 1972 by Giovanni Forzieri to produce leather accessories for third parties, respecting the artisan tradition of Tuscan leather goods. The experience and quality standards achieved lead the Forzieri family to create their own brand, Post&Co., Specialized in the production of handmade belts. Unmistakable feature of Post&Co. belts. is the raw material: full-grain cowhide, exotic leathers such as crocodile and python leathers, all naturally washed to obtain a refined vintage effect. Each collection is inspired by the beauty of the Florentine landscape and architecture, demonstrating all the love of Post & Co. not only for the 100% Made in Florence Tuscan craftsmanship but also for the precious and inimitable context in which it is rooted. The detailed finishes with studs, buckles, laser engravings together with the variety of natural dyes proposed make each Post&Co. accessory. definitely unique and, not surprisingly, appreciated all over the world.

Post & Co. Florence belts

Post & Co. belts are handmade by Tuscan master craftsmen in the splendid setting of the city of Florence. The raw material, the leather, is 100% Made in Italy, often painted with dyes of various fashionable and captivating colors. What makes these accessories special are the decorations: from the buckles to the studs to the natural stones, each Post & Co. belt is a small work of high Tuscan craftsmanship.

Made in Italy Post & Co. handcrafted belts

The handmade Made in Italy Post & Co. express the best Tuscan craftsmanship in the processing of leather, exclusively vegetable tanned. From classic and minimalist belts to more whimsical and original ones, the Post & Co. they are distinguished by the variety of colors, decorations, laser-made designs and hand-made paintings. Proof of the fact that even the belt can be a captivating detail of any outfit and not a trivial accessory worn only out of necessity.

Post & Co. exotic leather belts

Post & Co. exotic leather belts are the result of the craftsmanship of special leathers: crocodile leather belts, lizard leather belts, ostrich leather belts, python leather belts, stingray leather belts and others fish. Hand-colored, Post & Co's exotic leather belts. they are offered in plain colors (cognac, red, black, dark brown, etc.) or in shaded colors in shades of blue, yellow, green and so on. In addition to belts, Post & Co. produces key rings and bracelets in hand-waxed exotic leathers.

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