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    Simone Andreoli Vicebomb Eau de Parfum Intense 100ml

    A vanilla ice cream variegated with black cherry: Vicebomb is a gourmand eau de parfum that tickles the palate and sinful thoughts. Sweet and passionate, greedy and lustful, Vicebomb is that irrepressible temptation to which you give in with your eyes closed, letting yourself be carried away by the taste of pleasure. A sweetly sexy fragrance that, like a sin of gluttony, inspires unmentionable transgressions. The notes of tonka bean and ylang-ylang push the insatiable character of Vicebomb, an openly libertine fragrance that goes beyond the limits of the forbidden to break them down. Password: dare! And Vicebomb does it with style, where the sugary desire of the palate reveals the voluptuous one of an unexpected and overwhelming dissolute adventure. An encounter in the dark with the scent of black cherry, all to be savoured.

    In Simone Andreoli's Olfactory Diary collection, composed of fragrances that are sensory symbols of travel experiences, Vicebomb is an intriguing night in Miami Beach, glamorous and worldly enough. On Ocean Drive, a trail of black cherry perfume enchants and seduces like the song of a siren. Impossible to resist it, not to follow - to follow - its trail. Letting yourself be seduced and captured by that bewitching effluvium becomes the only thing to do, the only possible, the only desirable.

    Unisex Eau de Parfum, for day and night.

    Notes: black cherry, red fruits, salted caramel, vanilla cream, pink sugar, ylang-ylang, precious woods, tonka bean, amber.

    Simone Andreoli, young italian nose, create not a simple line of perfumes, but rather a journey through memories and views of distant lands: Diary Olfactory gives the name to a real sensory experience. Since research is the fundamental principle of the project, nothing follows conventions or imposed standards and olfactory combinations are unusual and unique. Between the six outstanding creations we have Silenzio, perfume extract of oriental vanilla, which its creator describes it as a "hymn to love". The woody Camouflage that evokes memories of the warmth of the Arab countries and Moorea, latest creation, with the freshness of the Tiarè and ylang ylang brings us to the paradisiacal landscapes of French Polynesia.

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