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Sperry is the brand of those who love the sea, the outdoor and adventure. Today the traditional boat shoe becomes a completing part of a collection of footwear for all occasions and for all tastes, modern, colorful, classic and high quality

Sperry Shoes

In 1935 in New Heave the sailor and explorer Paul Sperry, walking the dog, noticed that it was not slipping on the icy soil typical of the cold Connecticut winters. Looking closely at the tips of his cocker spaniel's paws, he saw that they were knurled. So he cut some cuts, first linear then zig-zag, on the sole of his shoes to avoid slipping on the often wet surfaces of his boat. And that's how Paul Sperry invented the first pair of sailing shoes in the history of navigation.

Sperry 7 Seas

The Sperry 7 Seas boat shoes are designed for extreme sailors and those who love adventure both on the sea and on land. Design and innovative technology have been created in collaboration with the America's Cup athletes. They offer maximum adherence to the ground and excellent breathability. The water repellent upper dries quickly.

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