‘S Max Mara: practical but chic quilted jackets and coats

‘S Max Mara: practical but chic quilted jackets and coats

Women constantly on the move need to be ready for anything, even while travelling. But some of them would never, ever give up on elegance. There’s a solution for them, too: it’s the ‘S Max Mara collection, consisting of incredibly light coats and quilted jackets you can transform as you wish.

Elegant and practical coats and down jackets: the innovative ‘S Max Mara

For decades Max Mara has been associated with wonderfully classic and sophisticated clothing for women. Well, in the ‘S collection the brand’s designers have decided to merge this elegance with women’s demands for comfort and functionality.

And they’ve thus proved that even a down jacket or a parka can have a stylish soul.

The idea for this collection came out from a collaboration with London’s Royal College of Art, in 1991: students were asked to imagine how women would live in 10 years - i.e. not only what they would wear. Their projects highlighted a world where people are isolated, for whom fashion is a personal choice, rather than a means of communication: women need first of all to feel at ease in their clothes.

The core of such a collection is therefore comfort. But accompanied by an extremely feminine style and by accessories which make every item unique, modified according to the personality and requirements of the woman who puts it on.

That’s why many of the ‘S Max Mara jackets are reversible, and you can customise all of them using a series of luxury accessories, such as the ‘S Max Mara Union fox fur collar. A simple way to add a classy detail even to a quilted jacket.

Creating comfortable clothes means picking the best materials, too: this is why items such as the ‘S Max Mara gilet Tregil or the ‘S Max Mara Novef quilted jacket are padded with Siberian goose down, which is light but keeps you perfectly warm.

But this comfort wasn’t enough, yet. 

‘S Max Mara Cube: the perfect outerwear for travelling 

In 2008 a new project joined the ‘S collection, designed to make women feel at ease even if they’re always travelling: “Here is the Cube”. Its aim is providing jackets like the ‘S Max Mara parka Faillet in a box you can easily pack in your luggage.

The ‘S Max Mara Cube items are therefore light and easily folded to fit into their practical cubes, but most of all they’re chic. Indeed you can choose among a wide variety of accessories, in this series, too, from fur collars to jewelled and embroidered inserts.

‘S Max Mara quilted jackets and coats therefore deliver both the functionality of a casual and sporty clothing item and the glamour of fine decorations: for dynamic women, but with a polished taste.


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