CRÊPERIE (JP) at Lazzari Store

Crêperie is a Japanese clothing brand. Its name comes from French and it ironically means crepe cafè. Its products are made of crepe fabric that has the crimps on the surface, which is known as the traditional Japanese fabric "Chirimen" and "Yo-ryu". The crepe is woven, strongly twisted the weft, but also has a character of knitted fabric that stretches thanks to its wrinkles. The unique irregular surface has the fewer area directly touching the skin that prevents clinging to the human body. The fabric is made of 100% absorptive cotton, so the garment is comfortable to wear even in the hot Summer. The crepe fabric also has the character to prevent the crease form folding, which makes it easy to wear and to carry.

Crêperie Clothing Japan

Crêperie dresses are made of 100% cotton and produced in Japan. The characteristic of Crêperie dresses is the texture of the fabric: elastic but breathable, irregular and wrinkled. The small wrinkled folds of the fabric give each Crêperie dress refinement and simplicity. Designer Tsumori Chisato, who graduated from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, created her eponymous brand in 1990. Since the mid-nineties she has been part of the Japanese fashion and clothing group A-net based in Tokyo.