Parajumpers Pop: the installation of ABC Mannequins and Parajumpers in Treviso

Parajumpers Pop: the installation of ABC Mannequins and Parajumpers in Treviso

The pop style of the ABC Mannequins mannequins meets the design functionality of the Parajumpers jackets.

Back from Pitti Immagine 2018 the mannequins P.O.P. - Pitti Optical Power by ABC Mannequins have been coming to the Spazio Lazzari in Treviso for a few weeks. Together with the clothing company Parajumpers they created an outdoor art installation in the internal courtyard of the ancient Treviso building, location of Lazzari Store. There are woman and man mannequins painted with large colored polka dots with an optical effect. Some are sitting on artisanal RI-NOVO wood benches, others standing, others are perched on a side balcony. They seem to come from the Planet of Pop to tell us in their own way that there really is one. In this microcosm inhabited by human figures with carioca colors, our attention is focused on three mannequins, those wearing a scarlet red jacket signed by Parajumpers. According to the philosophy of ABC Mannequins the mannequins must be active elements of a context, art forms, expression of values. The three female figures wearing the Gobi women's bomber jacket from Parajumpers complete and expand this idea of ​​communication, coloring it with the distinctive traits of the Treviso brand: strength, strength, tenacity, courage, respect for the environment, high technology applied to the product.

Parajumpers art exhibition

Parajumpers  was founded in 2006 from the merger between APE & Partners and designer Massimo Rossetti. The brand is specialized in the production of coats for women, men and children. They are durable and practical jackets as are the American "parajumpers" of the 210th Rescue Squadron to which the company is inspired. These are men trained to save lives in extreme conditions and serious danger: crews and passengers of ships drifting or trapped in submarines stranded at the bottom of the ocean, mountaineers lost to thousands of meters above sea level on almost unreachable peaks, and extreme cold weather. The Parajumpers jackets materialize the strength and attitude of these modern heroes, proving to be the perfect combination of functional solidity and sophisticated design with a high technological level.

The different collections of jackets Parajumpers have in common a series of founding elements a true style Parajumpers: the aesthetics - now iconic and beyond any extemporaneous mood of fashion -, the quality of materials and workmanship, the revisited classicism in a high-tech key. The best technological results achieved by research in the textile and clothing sector are used in all Parajumpers jackets. The goal is to further improve the performance of outerwear in terms of water repellency, wind resistance, breathability and comfort.

Parajumpers Treviso mannequins

The red hooded Gobi women's jacket worn by the mannequins of the installation is a prime example. Despite being a bomber is particularly detailed and structured. Made of waterproof oxford nylon, it has a 90% down padding, 10% feathers. The adjustable hood features a detachable hem of real Finnish raccoon fur and a rabbit fur inner lining.

Parajumpers is a company very attentive to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. The furs used in the production of their outerwear are certified according to the European protocols, among the most rigid in the world. The Finnish raccoon fur used for the Gobi bomber comes from certified and traceable breeding animals. The rabbit hair covering the inside of the hood is a by-product from the food industry.

Gobi by Parajumpers is a multi-pocket jacket featuring a front cargo pocket with three mini-pockets for storage inside (eg iPod, mobile phone, GPS device, etc.). On the left shoulder, in addition to the patch with the PJS logo, there are other zipped pockets functional to contain small objects. The elbows are reinforced by long external patches while the neck can be closed further by a hook similar to those used in skydiving. Wrists and bottom are ribbed elastic band. The zip closure has a double slider. About the heating capacity and the heat seal of the jacket, Parajumpers ranked it at the third level out of four of its temperature ratings:

1st - Moderate: little padded jacket, suitable for mild climates and seasons, very light to wear;
2nd - Medium: warm and voluminous jacket, also suitable for sub-zero temperatures;
3rd - High: very warm and layered jacket, with detachable fur edges as well as internal padding;
4th - Very high: extremely warm and layered jacket, equipped with extra padding, essential to face the most intense cold and the most insidious winters.

As you can see from the store locator of Parajumpers is an official reseller of the men's and women's PJS lines. Thanks by their proximity in the Treviso territory has been possible to realize this exhibition which continues inside the store with photographs taken from Stories by Parajumpers, a collection of short videos that shows the daily life of people living their own passions in remote places, which is projected every night on Lazzari Store's ancient wall.

The Parajumpers Pop installation will be exhibited at the Spazio Lazzari in Treviso until December 4th 2018.

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