Trippen women’s boots and shoes made in Berlin

Trippen women’s boots and shoes made in Berlin

New arrival for the winter season of Trippen boots!

The novelty of the season is definitely the new red color!

There are the traditional Solid and Exit models, but also a new proposal for the classic Fold presented with the inner fur for a warm Winter 2017/2018.

This latest model is made in collaboration with German stylist Michael Sontag who founded his trademarks in 2009 after working with other major brands such as Kenzo and Givenchy.

Berlin is the city that put together these two exceptionals realities.

But if red is too daring, there are also black variants of the same models, the choice is wide and the quality of Trippen shoes is always the same.



You can buy them online at the brand page:Trippen shoes

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