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The Adieu Paris concept is based on the combination of simplicity and excellence for reinterpreting male footwear with a new informality. Adieu shoes are handmade with only high quality leather from France and Italy.

Adieu Shoes

Among Adieu Paris shoes the Adieu men's moccasins are especially famous: men's shoes in French taste, or better, Parisian taste, made with French, Italian leather and fine materials. The classic design and the quality of a handmade moccasin are the distinctive features of unique and timeless footwear.

Type 1 Adieu Paris

Type 1 Adieu Paris men's shoes are the Derby laced model made with perforated fabric and leather trim, crepe sole; or in smooth shiny leather, Blake stitching, crepe rubber sole. The Type 1 shoes are among the most popular shoes of Adieu Paris thanks to the classic style, on the border between casual and luxury elegance. Wear with classic-cut trousers and jeans that can be combined with shirts or blazers or t-shirts for a more informal look that pays attention to details.

Type 5 Adieu Paris

Type 5 are the iconic moccasins of Adieu Paris. Together with the Type 1 Derby shoes they are among the bestseller footwear of the French brand. The Adieu Paris loafers are the emblem of the elegant sturdiness and bold balance of the Adieu shoes. The Type 5 models also have the characteristic sole in crepe rubber with a creamy white background. To be worn with classic trousers also in a rolled version with ankle uncovered, t-shirt and denim, or with an elegant men's suit to be absolutely flawless.

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