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Allen Edmonds, a manufacturer of men's shoes, born in 1922 in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Become well know after providing footwear for members US Army during World War II, who remained loyal to the brand for years to come. The Allen Edmonds strenght are the upper leathers that are used, such as calfskin and cordovan; to each shoe, between the inner and outer sole, it is applied a layer of cork that is modeled according to the shape of the foot with the heat, while ensuring a high level of comfort. Also they are all machined following the Goodyear method, a technique that ensures the perfect adhesion between upper and sole.

Allen Edmonds Ecommerce

On our ecommerce site, Allen Edmonds offers his iconic models: Allen Edmonds Park Avenue, Allen Edmonds Cambridge, Allen Edmonds Leeds, Allen Edmonds McCallister, Allen Edmonds Mac Neil,... Come and discover this selection of Allen Edmonds classic and valuable men's shoes.

Allen Edmonds Sale

Allen Edmonds sale: find your favorite Allen Edmonds shoes and take advantage of our sales, choose your size and give away at least a couple to celebrate his 97th anniversary with the US brand.

Allen Edmonds Italy

The Allen Edmonds shoes can also be found comfortably in Italy on Allen Edmonds is a style, not just a pair of shoes: classic but modern at the same time, also suitable for the casual looks of younger customers.

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