Il Centimetro sneakers


IL CENTIMETRO (IT) at Lazzari Store

Founded in 2012 in Grottazzolina (FM) by Giordano Torresi, Simone Moretti, Diego Fogo and Davide Fiorin, Il Centimetro was born as a brand of bracelets and small accessories 100% hand-made in Italy. The concept behind the brand is the tailoring meter, an original and captivating way to conceptualize the idea of travel. From that interior to any physical movement, each of us undertakes a daily journey, interacts and measures with the world, crosses borders, embraces horizons and dreams. The meter tape is a metaphor for these journeys, which always begin by following a single, inevitable centimeter. In 2019 Il Centimetro launches its first collection of sneakers in high quality leather, distinguished on the sides by the airbrushed image of the tailoring meter, by now the brand's unmistakable pattern.