ZE-KNIT BY NAPAPIJRI (IT) at Lazzari Store

Ze-Knit is the Napapijri capsule dedicated to technical clothing made with digital and sustainable technology. Essential urban style, ergonomic and dynamic design, fabrics and performance lines with a high heat seal but breathable, anti-odor and anti-humidity. Ze-Knit represents a new concept of clothing designed for men and women of the future. Ze-Knit garments are produced with a knitted fabric but with different stitch patterns exceptionally made from a single yarn without junction seams.

Napapijri Ze Knit 

Ze Knit Napapijri is the cutting-edge digital knitwear line of this Italian brand. Properties such as heat, elasticity and impermeability are woven into the mesh fabric and distributed in a functional way between the different parts that make up the garment. The result is sweatshirts, trousers, high-performance sweaters obtained with a low environmental impact process. The collection includes Napapijri sweatpants, Napapijri T-shirts, Napapjiri sweatshirts.

Napapijri Ze Knit Clothing

Napapijri casual sportswear in 2018 was enriched with a new line of garments created with digital technology such as the Napapijri Ze Knit K100 Bomber: a short and padded men's bomber jacket, made of waterproof polyester that guarantees a diversified heat retention among its different parts, while the articulation points of the arms and shoulders are deliberately more flexible.

Napapijri Rainforest

In 2019 the Ze Knit Napapijri collection has expanded with new ultra-technological clothing. The iconic Napapijri Rainforest jacket has become something different from a classic Napapjiri hooded sweatshirt. The Napapijri Rainforest Ze Knit sweatshirt is in fact laser-cut: the density of the fabric, thick and flexible, varies to offer the right warmth to the different areas of the bust and arms.